Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Enslaved Executive

The Apartment

Sameer had just got a job with an MNC in Mumbai after having completed his MBA from a reputed institute. He moved-in to a flat close to his office. The apartment was on 19th floor of a 20-storied building.

He was a well built handsome man, aged 26. He used to stroll around the place in evening as he was single n looking. Sameer had a fetish for female feet n high heels, though he was not a submissive kind. He used to look at feet of young ladies in the market in the evening.

One evening while he was on his usual amble in a nearby departmental store, he saw a stunningly beautiful girl, around 20, looking for some jams in the store. He immediately went closer to have a better view of her. She was around 5’6” tall, very fair and glowing skin. She was wearing a lemon green sleeveless T-shirt, danglers in her ears, a black Boot-cut jeans and 4 inch high open toed platforms.The leather of her sandals was black and was of really good quality. Sameer gazed her from top to bottom from her side, while she appeared to be reading the label on the bottle of jam. His eyes widened n got fixed to her feet the moment he saw them. She had feet to die for. They were size 7 with long toes and above all nicely pedicured toenails painted in same green colour as the T-shirt that she was wearing.

He couldn’t help but keep his eyes on her toes.

A moment later, the girl started to wiggle her toes and shifted her weight to her other foot, extending her on leg towards Sammer, still pretending to reading the label on the bottle. Sameer picked up a soap bar from the nearby rack n dropped it near her foot. He then bent down, half way kneeling to pick it up. His eyes were fixed on her foot all the time. The moment he picked up the soap, the girl tapped her foot on the floor and walked away. Sameer followed her but she went out of the store after paying for what she took, hailed a taxi and was gone. By the time he reached out, the taxi was speeding towards the highway. Sameer continued his walk thinking about the lovely pair of feet he had seen from such little distance.

Later in the night as Sameer was returning home. He waited for the elevator to come to the ground floor. The elevator was on 20th floor so it would take some time. As he waited there, he heard the click-clack sound of high heels coming in. He looked in that direction to see the same girl come in. A voice from behind shouted “ Bye Jennifer, take care”. She replied, “ Bye, Good night”, and stood besides Sameer, scanning through messages on her cell-phone.

Sameers’ heart-beats got louder n louder. He was both happy to see her, interestingly she was wearing the same dress, except for the foot-wear. This time she was wearing a pair of black oped toed mules. The most exciting part was it was a pencil heel of 5 inches. Sameer’s cock throbbed n hardened a bit. But he was afraid too wondering if she remembered that he was the man staring at her feet in the store today evening. He kept looking at the floor n took glances of her feet n shoes.

The elevator came, both of them went in.

Jennifer was carrying two shopping bags. She put it on the floor casually, pressed the button for 20th floor. She turned towards Sameer stroking her hair and asked,” Which Floor?”. Sameer was still looking at her feet n had forgotten to press his floor. “ Uuh 19th Floor Madam, Thank you”, he said. Jennifer pressed 19 on the panel and said, “ So u live under me…” Sameer couldn’t understand that and said, “ Sorry?” She said, “ I’m on 20th floor ,above you” with a domineering tone. Sameer asked for the flat number as each floor had 4 flats. She smiled like a princess and said “ The entire floor belongs to my father, but he is mostly out for business trips. So I stay there alone”.

Sameer felt a sense of lowliness as a girl 6 years younger to him was living an affluent life and had feet so lovely that anyone would be on his knees before her. They had reached till 5 th floor when Jen put a hand on her back saying that her back ached, and the next moment her keys dropped on the floor near her left foot. “Oh! She said I have to bend to pick it”, she said making a face. Sameer was very happy at this n quickly bent down to pick her keys saying, “ I’ll help you”. Little did he know how his help would put him into trouble.

As Sameer went to pick the keys, Jennifer stepped on his hand with her left foot, placing the 5 inch high spike heel on his wrist. “ Ouch! My hand , my hand”, cried Sameer. Jennifer looked down smiling, “What happened to your hand?”. “ It’s it’s under yr sandal madam, aaaaaahh”, he was now on his knees grabbing his arm with his other hand. Jennifer smiled and said, “ Don’t you like my new heels?”. At this moment Sameer realised that he was in a trap. “ Madam please get off my hand”, he said with a bit of anger in his voice now. She said, “ Hmmm…poor baby must be paining like hell na?, Don’t you like my feet and being my foot-slave?”.

Sameer got furious now as he was not actually a submissive kind in reality. He shouted, “ Leave me you bitch!”, trying to pull his wrist from under her heel.

Jennifer lifted the flat of her shoe resting on his hand n started to grind her heel, digging into the flesh of his hand. “Bow down and beg for it first you slave!” She yelled. This time the pain was too much making Sameer prostate himself on the floor before her. The moment he did this, she stepped on his other hand too with her other foot. Now Sameer was on his belly on the floor with both his hands under Jennifers’ new spiked heeled mules.

The lift door opened on the 19th Floor now which was intended for Sameer. “ Let me go ………………………please”, he pleaded now realising his helplessness. Jeniffer laughed and started grinding her heel playfully again. Sameer managed to put his feet over the sensor of the lift so that the door does not close. He was nervous and anxious thinking how can he be free. He made futile attempts to pull himself from under Jeniffer’s shoes, but her weight concentrated on the pointed heel was exerting too much pressure on his wrists. He was almost crying now, sweating all over.

Jeniffer commanded , “Put your legs in slave we are going to the 20th floor, you won’t need your apartment anymore”. Sameer got scared n furious, “ NO” he cried. Jeniffer then patiently lit a cigarette and started smoking. Sameer was by now literally begging at her feet to get released but he kept the door opened using his legs. After a few puffs, Jeniffer said, “Pull in your legs you wretched slave, this is the last warning”. But Sameer did not listen.

Jeniffer was remaining calm all this while with little effort to be put on her side to keep her prey in that position. She almost squattd in front on him, putting more pressure on his wrists and crushed the stub of her cigarette on his neck, putting it off. Sameer yelled helplessly as his neck was burned. “ Put your feet in baby and start obeying me”, she said victoriously. Sameer had no choice now and he crawled into the elevator. The door closed and lift moved to the 20th floor.

The door opened and Sameer thought now he would get a chance to escape. But Jeniffer searched for something in her purse, bent closer, kissed his forhead n hand-cuffed his hands together. This was the Moment Sameer realised his life was doomed to be hell now.

Jeniffer first stepped off his right hand telling him to be obedient then she put a dog-collar around his neck, attached a leash to it and said, “Come………… are my puppy now”. She gave a little tug on the leash which sent shivers to Sameer as the dog-collar had spikes from inside.

Jeniffer asked him to crawl and turn facing the door now. He obeyed. Then she said lets go in your new home baby. Sameer tried to get up trying to match pace with her legs, but the next moment her right shoe landed on his neck, with her heel resting over the burnt spot on his neck. “ You belong to the floor like the dust and deserve nothing more than tasting the dust and licking my shoes. From now on you will never walk like a man but crawl like a worm on your belly or will move on all fours like a good dog. DO YOU GET IT SLAVE?”, Jeniffer asked grinding her heel in his neck. “ Yes maam”replied Sameer, putting his face back on the floor.

The door opened and he was pulled into a luxurious apartment with plush leather furniture around. She locked the door behind him and ordered him to kneel. She was still grabbing the leash. She now cuffed his hands behind his back. She opened a drawer, took out a swiss –knife and ripped all his clothes apart. “Slaves are supposed to be totally nude before their Goddess”, She added ripping apart his underpants. Sameer was red in embarrassment and anger now, but he knew Jeniffer would make him her complete slave. He started wondering about his job, his family, he thought will he ever be able to go back. A sense of insecurity surrounded him. Jeniffer went in another room to change. Sameer saw her purse lying on the sofa with the keys of the apartment hanging partially from it. He quickly ran on his kness to the sofa, got the keys and tried to open the door. But it was not easy as his hands were cuffed behind his back. He had bare managed to turn the key once when he saw Jeniffer come in with a metal rod having a round metallic stamp at on end. She smiled and said, “ I knew you would try this, generally untrained slaves try it. But I know how to remind slaves like you the place to which you belong. Sameer got scared n dropped on his knees.

Jeniffer grabbed the leash and pulled it with a jerk. Sameer’s neck started bleeding as the spikes on the collar dug his flesh. He quickly kneeled at her feet, whil Jeniffer made herself comfortable on the huge sofa, crossing her legs. Her left foor was over the right, with her toes pointing towards the poor slave, 1 inch from his nose. “You need to be trained!” , she said, “But first you need to be registered as my slave permanently”. She said smiling wickedly. Sameer got puzzled at this statement and said” Please let me go please………..”. Jeniffer Said, “ First thing I do not want you to speak without my permission. If you wish to seek permission to speak you have to kiss my shoe. Forget about your past now as the only purpose of your existence now is to serve me. You are nothing more than the dust on the floor over which I walk. I do not was disobedience. If you disobey, you cannot even imagine the pain I can make you go through. Now, a punishment for your recent mistake to run away……………………………………….”, She held the rod over a candle lit on the table nearby, heating it. “This stamping will teach you never to run away from your duties and will also act as a registration of your slavery to me”. She held the rod higher in front of slave. It had a round iron stamp at the end, which was almost red-hot now. Sameer crawled backwards……”NO, please do not burn me anymore pleas……………..”, he begged. “Beg before me to be my slave”, Jeniffer commanded strictly.

“ Please Miss Jeniffer please I beg of you to make me your slave, I will be your foot-slave your dog, please make me your slave please madam I beg of you to allow me to lick off the dust from your divine shoes n clean your holy feet with my tongue…please please please Miss Jeniffer I beg of u I beg of u……………..”Sameer continued to beg for around 10 mins.

“Bend down and rub your nose on the tip of my right shoe”, commaned Jeniffer.

Sameer obeyed. As soon as he bent down he felt the hot stamp burn his bare back, branding him as a slave. He lifted his face in pain n started shaking with the pain. Jeniffer laughed at his torment and grabbed his hair. She then brought the hot stamp closer to his face. “Let me brand your forehead so that you cannot think to go out in public ever.”, With this she branded him on the forehead too.

The branding said- “ Personal Property of MISS J” This was in circular fashion and in the centre was a plain word saying- “ SLAVE”.

“Now you are a perfect slave”. Jeniffer said as she got up to take him to the next room……………

Sameer was in tears now, helpless, humiliated, abused and tortured. His life as a slave had now begun.

Miss Jeniffer took her slave to her bedroom which had a huge closet full of shoes, sandals and boots of various kinds and colours. There must be over 200 pairs in all. She showed the slave the closet and said, ‘This is your dream job, isn’t it? You will now take care of all my shoes daily. To begin with You will lick all these tonight while I’m asleep so that tomorrow when I get up I can see how you have worked.” Said jeniffer as she rested her right foor on slave’s back pushing him down to the floor, using him as a foot-rest.

She then ordered him to go and clean the toilet and told that it was also one of his routine duties from now on. Sameer knew there was no escape now and obeyed at once and went to clean the toilet. But he came back after a minute kissed Jeniffer’s foot to seek permission to speak. She was in front of the mirror applying gloss on her lips. She continued her make up without paying heed to the kneeling creature begging to speak before her. After 5 minutes, Sameer kissed her foot again. This time she was wearing a pair of pink fur slippers. She lifted her foot, placed it on his cheek casually as if he was a non-living thing, pinning him to the floor and said, “speak slave, quickly”. Sameer said ,” Maam there is no mop in the toilet to clean, may I know where I can get it from?” Jeniffer laughed at the top of her voice crushing his cheek under her foot. “Don’t you have a tongue slave? You came here to speak before me, you could have used your tongue instead to clean up the toilet, you silly slave!”. She had a leather whip lying by the side of her bed. She picked it and gave two lashes on slave’s buts. “GO and clean the toilet now, and also lick the floor of the bathroom clean. Remember you are a slave you are not here to demand things. Soon you will learn to drink my piss and eat my shit too, as that is what you were born for. NOW BE QUICK OF I’ll GIVE YOU 5 more WHIP LASHES!!”…..

Slave crawled to the toilet sobbing………..He had lots of work to do and hard times ahead…….He was also thirsty and hungry by now from the torment but proceeded to the toilet to lick it with his “slave-tongue”.

(To be continued)

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