Saturday, November 22, 2008

Laura's Triumph

Laura was the most popular girl at her school. She was 18 years old and in
her final year, but everyone loved her and she loved that fact. Everyone in
her life was wrapped around her little finger – Her parents, her teachers,
and all the people in her school. Everyone except her brother-in-law,
Laura’s mother was rich. A billionaire, and yet she had never been married
once until 24 months ago. She had made her own fortune with her own smart
business sense and (whenever that failed her) her own good looks. However
she had sold the large Sales company she had once started and fallen in love
with Michael’s father not even two years ago.
Laura had hated him from the moment she had seen him. She was horrified that
her mother had fallen for such a common man as this, he barely even had two
pennies to rub together! But the hate Laura felt for that man was nothing,
and I mean nothing, compared to how much she disliked the mans son –
As soon as their parents were married, Michael had taken advantage. He was 3
years older than Laura – 19 at the time but 21 now – and had used his new
family’s wealth to move out and buy himself a luxury apartment in the centre
of town. Laura’s mother had even used her associates and contacts to get him
a well-paid job in an office, but he never even bothered to show up. He
instead just lived off his parent’s money.
Although that disgusted Laura, it was not the only reason she disliked him.
Before he had shown up, all her mothers’ attention had been upon her. Laura
hated not being the most important person in anybody’s life – Especially her
Michael was also quick-witted and smart, although Laura hated to admit that.
Whenever she had disliked someone before, she would find a way of using and
exploiting her popularity to hurt and ruin that person. She loved being in
control of other people’s fate; she gained an almost sadistic pleasure from
seeing others suffer at her hands. And yet when she had tried to do this to
Michael…For everyone putdown she made and every scheme she thought
up…Michael had an answer or a comeback. He never seemed to get angry and he
always oozed charisma. And that drove Laura insane. However, she was not one
to take defeat easily. In fact, she had never admitted defeat once in her
life, and she never intended to either. Laura had been working on a plan for
weeks; she was going to destroy Michael to a far greater extent than she had
anyone before in her life.

She checked herself out in the mirror and couldn’t help but smile. “Fucking
perfect”, she thought happily to herself. And she did, she looked stunning
beyond words in fact. She was only 5’4” but she appeared taller thanks to
the black leather, high-heeled boots she was wearing. Her perfectly
straight, dark blonde hair feel down beyond her shoulders and her
enchanting, ocean blue eyes seemed to glow magnificently against her lightly
tanned skin. She wore a designer white shirt and a small black mini skirt;
her whole outfit tonight cost more than $6,000. She put on some lipstick
before finally dragging herself away from her own brilliant reflection.
Alright, she looked like a slut and she knew it, but she knew it was only
temporary, and necessary for her plan too work.
She glanced quickly at her sleek, golden wristwatch. It was 9:27 P.M. Next,
she took out her cellphone and quickly dialled for her mothers chauffeur.
“Get the limo outside now, I need to you to take me somewhere” she ordered
“And hurry up about it too!” she added sharply, enjoying being a bitch once

Within minutes, the shiny black stretch-limousine was waiting in the long
gravel drive. Laura walked quickly down the grand set of steps that led up
to her family’s large mansion. The chauffeur, a middle-aged man who
loved…worshipped Laura just like everyone else, hurried to open the door for
her. Laura stepped into the car without so much as glancing at the man, not
even acknowledging his presence as he shut the door behind her.
He then walked around to the driver’s side and sat down in the front seat.
“Where too tonight, Miss Laura?” he asked, not daring to look round, yet
trying to sound as cheerful as he could.
“We’re going to Michael’s house” she said in her soft voice, although she
stretched out each word as if she were wincing at the mere prospect of her
words. She liked to make her hatred of Michael as public as possible, hoping
it would encourage others to act in a similar way. Despite this, the
chauffeur knew better than to ask questions - he had been working for the
family for years.
Laura ran the plan through in her head again. It was simple but sweet,
nothing could go wrong she assured herself. She felt the familiar feeling of
absolute self-confidence flowing through her. It was a Friday night, Michael
always held some party for his loser friends every weekend, she decided.
Sure, she’d have to endure a million lame pick-up attempts but the prize at
the end of it would be worthwhile. Every time she had seem him recently,
Michael had been drooling over her as much as anyone else. What a sick fool,
she thought, wanting his own half-sister! Well tonight, he would get her and
much, much more than she bargained for.

The limousine had slowed down. Of course, Laura thought to herself, it was
Friday night and she wanted to get into the centre of the city. The streets
were going to be full of traffic. Yet she did not get angry at herself for
forgetting this, but instead at her driver. “Hey, can’t you take a fucking
short cut or something?” she asked “I do have a life to live and places to
go you know!”
“I’m sorry Miss Laura, we’ll have to go though the centre. We’re close now
though, it will only take another 10 minutes.”
“10? Make it 5 or you’ll be in trouble” Laura snapped back.
The chauffeur didn’t need to ask what that threat meant. Her mother would
believe anything she said and if she was unhappy at him he’d be out of a job
by tomorrow morning at the latest. He began to make more effort to move,
cutting up whichever lane of traffic was moving quickest at any given time.
Exactly 4 minutes later, the limousine was breaking slowly to a halt outside
a large block of luxury apartments. The driver got out of the car and walked
around to open the door for Laura. He offered her a hand to step out the
car, which was ignored as she stood up.
“You’ll come and pick me up at 2 A.M precisely. Don’t even think about being
late.” Then she walked towards the front door, and entered. She was glad as
she stepped into the front hall, it was cold outside and her shirt was thin.
She looked around her. An elderly security guard sat behind a desk. Laura
wondered what the fuck he was actually paid to do, as she knew for a fact
there were at least 10 people upstairs, drunk or stoned, right now.
“Can I help you?” he asked, but Laura had already walked past him and
towards the lift on the other side of the room. She tapped the button to get
to the floor which Michael’s room was on and acted more annoyed than she
really was at how long it took for the lift to move.
She stepped off on the 12th floor and went down to the room 12E – Michael’s.
She took a small mirror out of her small handbag and checked her make up
once more. Perfect. She took a deep breath and knocked.

A guy opened the door. He was completely wasted, Laura could see, before he
even started talking.
“Uh…Who…Who are you?” he said, laughing for no reason.
Laura sighed, already irritated by his stupidity. She raised her hand to the
door and pushed it open in a quick sudden movement, so it hit the guy in the
She pushed her way in at this point. “Dave…Shut up and go sit in the corner
or something” she said bitterly.
She looked around the room she had just walked in. A couple of people were
laughing at Dave as he held his face in his hands after the door had hit
him. The room itself was dark, but Laura could make out the large
flat-screen television on the wall and the leather sofa on which a group of
wasted losers were lying.
She spun round and looked at Dave again. “Are you still moaning about that?”
she mocked “Quit being such a pussy. Where’s my brother?”
In perfect timing, Michael stepped out from the kitchen to see Laura. He
paused, he looked nervous and embarrassed at having to talk to her, a fact
which pleased Laura.
“Hi Laura” he said, almost stammering. She couldn’t help but smile again,
happy with herself and still as sure as ever that she would get what she
wanted tonight.
“Hey Mike. How’s the party?” she said, not trying to hide her disinterest or
lack of enthusiasm, although Michael didn’t seem to notice.
“It’s a lot better now you’re here” he said, smiling. “Lame”, Laura though
privately. But she actually replied “Well aren’t you going to get me a
drink?”, wanting to see how Michael would respond to orders.
“Of course” he said and he ran back into the kitchen, emerging with a drink
before clearing a space on a chair for Laura to sit, whilst he sat on the
hardwood floor in front of her.
And for the next two hours they talked, Michael hanging keenly onto every
word Laura said and Laura not paying any attention to what Michael replied
with. She had already sent her brother to go and get her drinks, snacks or
anything else she could think of many times, and had been delighted when he
had obeyed each and every order. Of course, during the time that Michael was
running around after her, she was sat by herself and that meant at least one
person would inevitably try and talk to her. She either responded with a
quick word of warning or by completely ignoring them, something she had
become an expert at.
She looked at her watch. It was nearly midnight. Now she should start to
make her move, she decided.
Instantly, she became friendlier towards Michael. She began smiling
flirtatiously and laughing at everything he said. Michael began to grow in
confidence as the conversation continued. He had wanted this for months.
Laura sent her brother to get another drink for them both, but this time she
smiled and asked sweetly “Would you mind going and getting us both another
drink Hun?” and whilst he was away in the kitchen Laura unbuttoned the top
of her shirt. She ran her hand through her hair to give it a “messed up”
look she knew drove most guys wild after they’d had a few drinks.
When Michael came back into the room holding a drink for both of them she
made sure to push out her chest as far as she could, arching her back sexily
as she did so. Michael’s face glowed as he saw her again, which felt
satisfying to her.
He sat down at her feet; his legs crossed like a little child in front of
her. He had forgotten the “Cool guy” image that he usually went too all ends
to maintain and had become totally absorbed in talking to the most beautiful
woman he had ever laid eyes on.
Michael did not realise it at this time, but he was finally beginning to
love and worship Laura like everyone else did.
She made a teasing remark towards him, tempting him more. She giggled at it
whilst he looked embarrassed, then she raised her shoe to his face and
stroked him gently on the cheek. “Awww” she said in mock-sympathy.
This was a tiny action, and yet one that Laura had planned. It had the
desired affect immediately. Michael tried to hide it, but suddenly he could
not take his eyes off the sexy black, thigh-high boots that his stepsister
was wearing.
It all became clear to him the instant that the cold leather had touched his
bare skin. He had always had a secret “thing” for feet, but not until now
did any of his fantasies involve his own stepsister.
Now, he realised, he wanted nothing more in life than to be able to worship
those boots, and the feet they belonged too. “And why not?” He thought, his
mind racing. His sister was smart, sexy, popular…If anyone on this Earth was
a Goddess needing to be worshiped – it was her.
Michael forgot about everyone else at his party, they didn’t matter. They
were just background noise now; all he wanted to do was focus of the feet of
Laura. In the space of just a few seconds, he had to fight the urge to leap
forwards and lick at the bottom of the shoes countless times. Instead, he
just let his eyes settle of the sublime sight in front of him.
He watched as Laura rubbed them from left to right on the floor, up and
down, even around in the air. Then he realised how unnatural that final
movement seemed, and glanced up at Laura.
There she was, smiling down at him, knowingly and triumphantly. Michael
suddenly forgot his lust and was filled with dread. Laura had got to him,
after 2 years of trying, and she damn well knew it.
“Is there something wrong with my boots?” she asked in fake innocence.
“…it’s just that...” said Michael, unable to finish his sentence.
“It’s just that you’re a little foot freak and can’t take your eyes off my
boots?” she asked, her voice suddenly sharp and ice-cold.
Michael didn’t answer. He wanted to deny it, and yet he couldn’t. He knew
Laura well enough to know she had planned this, and whatever she wanted to
happen next was certainly going to, regardless of what he wanted.
“I thought so”, she said smugly. “People at school are always complaining
about you eyeing up their feet and now I’ve finally caught you at it you
disgusting little pervert!”
Michael looked at the floor which he was still sat on and felt himself
turning red. “No I didn’t…I mean, I wasn’t”
He didn’t know what to say, but Laura interrupted him anyway.
“Oh don’t bother trying to lie your way out of this one you little bitch”
she threatened. “I caught you. You couldn’t take your eyes of these sexy
little feet and if I ordered you to, you’d crawl up to me and kiss them
right now in front of everyone!”
Michael looked around him, yet no one was paying any attention. Music was
playing so no one else could hear a word that was being said between the
two, especially as Laura always spoke in a soft tone, even when apparently
angry as she was now. Although it should be noted that too must people, a
threat in Laura’s voice sounded much more fierce, even deadly, than in
anyone else’s.
Laura had paused, allowing Michael time to consider what she had said. There
was no way for him to get out of it now, and Laura was taking charge,
enjoying the victory and wanting to savour what would come next.
“Don’t worry, you little pervert.” She said, as he scanned the room, looking
for help or something she guessed. “Hey, get your fucking eyes back on me
and listen, no one here cares about you anymore, loser. Now listen. I’m
willing to keep your dirty little secret all to myself.”
Michael had expected something like this; he just dreaded what would come
“But, from now on Michael, you’re going to have to accept that I own you.
Just like I own everyone else but much, much more. You’re gunna do exactly
what I tell you to, how I tell you to, when I tell you to. And that is not
open to negotiation.”
Michael considered this for a moment. His head slumped in defeat and shame.
“Ok then” he conceded.
“Good” she said happily, “Hey, don’t worry you little pervert, it’s not all
bad. Maybe if you do a good job of being my little bitch I’ll let you kiss
my feet sometimes!” She laughed at her final remark, then laughed again when
she saw how Michael’s face lit up at that comment.
“Ooo you like that do you? God you’re so pathetic. Why can’t everyone see
that?” she asked, realising that taunting him was more fun that she could
have possibly imagined before.
She began playing with him again, tapping her feet against his legs, body
and even face a couple of times, and loved every minute of it. Michael just
remained still on the floor, feeling humiliated and yet also excited by what
could happen. After all, this was what he had wanted a few minutes ago.
“Now here’s what is going to happen” she began again, speaking with a voice
of authority, but still quiet enough for only Michael to hear her. “Tomorrow
night you’re going to stay up in here all by yourself. If any of your loser
friends show up, you tell them to fuck of. Understood?”
Michael nodded slowly in agreement, waiting for Laura to resume speaking.
And she did.
“I’m going to come over here again. I’m going to tell you how things are
going to be from now on. Then, perhaps if you’re lucky, I’ll play around
with my little bitch for a while. You still following this, idiot?”
This time Michael looked up and spoke, “What time are you going to be here?”
Laura looked down at him and once again her mood changed in an instant, this
time from a teasing, taunting and almost playful one too a vicious,
threatening mood. “What right do you think you have to ask me any questions
at all? You think I’d tell you that so you could run off and disobey me,
then come home early and get away with it? Oh no Mike, you still don’t get
it. I’m in control now. 100 percent. You’re going to stay here all night and
I’ll turn up whenever the fuck I like. And if you’re not here, well then I
guess everyone will know about your little incest feet fantasies, you sick
She paused for a moment, she wondered if she had actually heard Michael
utter the word “Sorry” or whether she just imagined it. That would have been
too much, too funny, she thought. Finally, she had had enough for this
evening. Michael’s “parties” were hardly her scene and she hated anyone who
would turn up to something held by Michael anyway.
She stood up, Michael still sat on the ground below her, but he gazed up
lovingly at his new Goddess. He was already falling in love.
“I’ve had enough, I can’t stand being around you dorks any longer!” she
said, laughing. Michael tried to get up and walk her to the door but she
jabbed him sharply in the ribs as he attempted to stand, knocking him back
“You stay on the floor, piggy” she exclaimed, walking off.
As she headed towards the door someone called out “You leaving, Laura?” He
sounds so desperate to be acknowledged by me, Laura thought, grinning to
herself. Life was great for her. It always was.
“Yeah, I can’t stand to be here anymore,” she said, walking out the door and
not bothering to shut it behind her.

Laura headed back down the hall, called the lift and went back down to the
ground floor. She walked out through the front hall, ignoring the security
guard again. She was too busy enjoying the sound her heels made as they
clicked against the tiled floor beneath her; it turned her on in a weird
As she stepped out on to the pavement she glanced across the street and saw
the limousine waiting for her, even though she was about half an hour early.
When the chauffeur saw that Laura was waiting, he began to turn the car
round and pulled up right besides her. The same man as before jumped out of
the car and ran around to open the door for Laura, then shut it behind her.
He sat down in the front and said, “Good Evening Miss Laura, are we heading
home now?”
“Yeah I guess so,” she said thoughtfully.
“I trust everything went well tonight?” although he knew if there had been
any problems he would already know all about them.
“Not too bad, not too bad at all” she replied. She was too content with how
the night had gone to think about showing off her bitchy attitude to the
chauffeur again.
So good was her mood in fact, that when they pulled up outside the mansion
again and Laura stepped out of the car, she even said a quick “Thank you” to
her driver and flashed him a smile which made his day.

As she walked up the front steps towards the large oak front door she ran
through the nights events in her mind, still pleased out how well at it had
gone. She actually looked forward Saturday night now, she had a lot of plans
and ideas for her new slave, and the little pervert wasn’t going to enjoy
some of them as much as he had hoped.

The Next Day

Laura woke up at 11:30 AM the next day and it took her a few seconds to
remember what she had planned for the next 24 hours.
But more importantly, for now at least, was the fact that today was
Saturday. And for Laura, that meant pocket money. She put on a sexy silk
dressing gown and tied the robe up loosely around her waist, before heading
out of her room and downstairs to the kitchen. Her mother always insisted
she should eat in the family’s large dining room, but she wasn’t around and
Laura was feeling too lazy to bother with formalities right now.
She took a seat on one of the stools at the modern breakfast bar and clicked
her fingers. One of the families servants, who was tidying up not more than
a few yards away, looked up.
“Get me some breakfast.” Laura said casually. She hadn’t woken up yet.
“Yes Miss Laura” said the man before he went about dutifully preparing
Laura’s breakfast – A variety of imported exotic fruits. She never ate
cereal or anything like that, she thought it was disgusting.
After a minute or two the servant walked back towards Laura, carrying her
breakfast upon a fancy silver tray. He placed it down in front of her, then
took a brown envelope from his pocket and put this down next to the tray as
“Your pocket money, from your mother. She has gone out for the day with your
father I believe.” He explained.
“If you call that idiot my father again it’ll be the last thing you do in
this house” Laura warned.
“Of course Miss Laura, I forgot, my apologies.” He said sincerely.
“Ohh don’t worry about it. Go clean something” she said, distracted now by
the roll of $100 notes she had taken out of the envelope. She counted
through them quickly, exactly $2,000. Good.
She finished her breakfast and left her bowl and plate where they were,
someone else would clean it up for her. She considered wasting some time in
front of the plasma screen television that resided in the magnificent living
room, but the idea of spending that new money became too tempting and she
went back up to her bedroom.
Her room, like every other bedroom in the house, had an on-suite bathroom
and it was there that she went to have a shower and then brush her teeth.
After that she headed to her large walk-in wardrobe and put on a thin, pink
designer sweater and, after looking out the window to see what the weather
was like, a black skirt.
She then went back into the bathroom and spent a long time applying her
makeup and getting her hair just the way she liked it. The end result was
stunning and flawless, as always and Laura, finally satisfied, went
downstairs again and out the front door, heading towards the four-car
She could, of course, had someone else drive her about today, but she
preferred her own car and only bothered to use the chauffeur when she
planned to drink. She also loved her car. Her very own silver Porsche, the
best 18th birthday present ever.
Laura planned to go round to her friend Danielle’s house and then drive both
of them into town where she would be able to waste most of her money on a
couple of new items of clothing to add to her already huge wardrobe. And
this is exactly what she did; arriving back home at 6:30 with a whole lot of
designer bags shoved in the car boot.
The two of them would have usually gone to an overpriced, “cool” and modern
night-club and then Laura would have come back home at about 3AM again or
more likely, spent the night at Danielle’s, as she lived nearer to the city
centre. But tonight, of course, Laura had other plans.
It turned out that Laura had already missed the family dinner that evening,
but she hardly cared as she hated being sat at the great, oak dining table
with no one interesting to talk too. She went up to her room again straight
away – she spent a lot of time up there as it had pretty much everything she
could need.
Now it was time for what she had been looking forward too all day. She
reached into her small handbag and pulled out her small cell phone. She
flipped it open and typed in Michael’s number.
He picked up after three rings. “Hello?” he said.
“Listen up my little bitch. I’m not sure if I can be bothered to come all
the way over to your place tonight, so the plan has changed. You’re coming
here, and you’re going to arrive at 8 o’clock exactly. Not before or after.
“Uh…Yeah” Mike answered hesitantly.
“Good”. Laura hung up. It was all going to plan so far. She called a servant
up to her room and ordered him to bring her something to eat to make up for
the meal she had just missed.
After that, she had nothing to do but prepare for her slaves arrival in less
than an hour. She would bring him up to her room, it would be perfect and
she could be sure that no one would dare come in uninvited.


It had just gone 8 o’clock. Laura was lying on her bed with her headphones
on, her mp3 player up at full volume. She had just sent a flirty text to
some guy, although she had no real interest in him – It gave her something
to do and helped her pass the time.
Laura had changed into a short sleeved, crisp, plain black shirt. The top
two buttons were undone. She wore the same black skirt that she had been
wearing all day, but she had also changed into an expensive pair of
high-heeled sandals. These were black as well of course, they completed the
look. Her toenails were painted a bright red and she wore a toe ring on the
middle toe of her right foot.
She looked up as one of the servants entered the room. She didn’t even know
this ones name.
“Yes?” she asked.
“Your brother is here and he has asked to see you” came the reply.
Laura became excited at the mention of this.
“Well don’t keep him waiting, send him up”
“Yes of course Miss Laura” and the man left.
Moments later, the door opened again and Michael appeared, looking nervous.
Laura sat up on her bed and motioned for him to come inside with her hand.
“Shut the door behind you” she warned in a sexy, hushed tone. Michael
obeyed, still not saying a word, which Laura didn’t object to in the
“Now get down on your knees, you’ve got a lot of information to listen to
Mike. Your new life begins tonight” she continued.
Mike stood there, not moving, not speaking.
“I said get on your knees. Don’t even try and make me angry you stupid
bitch!” she advised him in a deadly voice.
Slowly Michael got down on his knees.
“Now crawl over here so you can hear what I’m saying” she added, instantly
more enthusiastic and cheerful now he was being “good”.
Michael obediently shuffled over towards the bed, stopping just a few inches
from where she was sat. He looked up at Laura and waited for her to begin
speaking again.
“Mike” she started, “I hate you. I despise you. You’ve known that for a long
time. I hate the way you freeload off my family. I hate your cocky attitude,
even though you’re only popular because of my reputation around here. I hate
the way you walk in and out of this house even though you don’t live here”.
Despite the harsh words she was saying, Laura seemed remarkably calm. This
was a rehearsed speech.
She had paused to let her words sink in and take an effect on Michael. She
needed to damage his self-confidence if this was going to work.
“But now, Mike…everything is going to be different. You’re a little
foot-freak and you don’t want anyone to know. You’re going to do what I say.
You’re going to come over here whenever I want so I can play with you, make
you do my work and make you love and worship my dirty feet. You’re going to
send all the money you take off my mother right back to me, where it
belongs; you’ll be living on the bare minimum now. You’re going to be my
little doggie, and you’re going to love it. You got all that, doggie?”
Mike nodded. He was so amazed he could not speak. How long had she been
planning this? He didn’t know. What could he do? If Laura told everyone
about his fetish, he could say goodbye to his lifestyle, his
friends…Everything in his life. He had to do what she said.
“Oh, you understand all that? Aren’t you a clever little doggie?!” Her voice
was patronising and over-animated. “Yes you are. Perhaps you’d like a reward
Mike was unsure of what to do, he didn’t want to play into Laura’s hands
quite so easily, yet he didn’t want to anger her. Laura was the one person
in the world you did not upset, no matter what she did to you. Most people
learnt that the hard way.
“Of course you would!” Laura said, answering her own question.
She extended her left foot, leaving it a couple of inches in front of
Michael’s eyes. She pointed down at it with her elegant middle finger.
“Lick” she ordered.
Michael had his gaze fixed on the virtually spotless black shoe-sole in
front of him.
“Come on doggie, don’t be scared. Lick it clean.” Laura encouraged, loving
every minute.
Michael stuck his tongue out and slowly, very slowly, leant forwards towards
the bottom of Laura’s shoe. He was shaking, nervous and full on
anticipation. He had been dreaming about this moment for months and yet the
thought of it still terrified him. Sure, he had checked out other girls, but
it had always been Laura for him, and he had admired her sexy feet from the
moment he had laid his eyes on them.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity in his mind, Michael’s tongue
made contact with the shoe. He didn’t move for a minute, he just kept his
tongue still in the same place. The sole of the shoe felt cold and smooth,
mainly because Laura had too many pairs of shoes and couldn’t wear them all
regularly - these ones looked as if they were new.
Then he came back to Earth and remembered where he was. He looked up and saw
Laura’s beautiful face staring down at him expectantly.
Michael then swallowed his pride in order to realise his dream and began
running his tongue the entire length of Laura’s shoe – From the tips to the
heel and then back again in one long, protracted movement.
He savoured the taste as he cleaned the entire surface of her sole with his
tongue. He could feel the tiniest particles of dust and dirt collecting in
his mouth and that turned him on even more as he looked at the base of the
sandal and realised how he had made it shine.
Once he had finished with this he moved on voluntarily, beginning to take
the tips of Laura’s toes in his mouth and kiss them passionately.
“No, no doggie” said Laura pushing him away with her foot once more, “I’ve
got two feet, and that means two soles to polish!”
Michael said nothing but dutifully held her right foot in his hand and began
the same cleaning process with his tongue.
“Now suck the heels clean you little pervert!” Laura ordered. She was
certainly having fun.
Michael, still holding Laura’s foot in his hand, placed his lips around the
base of the long thin heel and began to suck on it. Laura then began to push
it further and further into his mouth.
“Keep sucking, bitch!” she ordered too a startled Michael. He could now feel
the heel right at the back of his mouth, and still pushing further. Just
when he was worried he was going to choke, Laura mercifully began to
withdraw it again. Then, when all but the final inch of the heel was out of
his mouth and Michael began to relax; she pushed it back in again, laughing.
“That’s it boy, suck my heel. Suck it like a cock. Ooo you’re good at this,
aren’t you? Maybe you’re a little faggot? How many secrets are you hiding
from us Mike?” she giggled as she persisted in pushing her heel in and out
of Mike’s mouth.
After a few minutes she finally pulled her heel completely out of Mike’s
mouth and put her foot back on the floor.
The sense of relief that Michael felt was only short lived however, as Laura
promptly bought her other foot up in front of his face.
“Open wide again, Doggie” she said cutely.
Michael obeyed, and the entire humiliating process of him sucking Laura’s
heel clean began again.
Finally he finished, and he was already worn out by this point, already
having regrets about being a slave to Laura. It didn’t matter any more
though, he no longer had a choice in the matter.
“Now remove my sexy little shoes you lazy bitch!” Laura said softly.
Michael reached up and obligingly undid the small metal clip on the strap of
her sandals. He then watched in silent admiration as her cute foot slowly
wriggled it’s way out of the long, crossed straps that went all the way up
to her thighs.
Michael then willingly rushed to undo the clip on the other sandal, wanting
a repeat of the delightful scene he had just witnessed. Again he was treated
to a superb visual spectacle as Laura removed her shoe leisurely and let it
drop to the floor, next to the one she had just discarded previously.
“You did a pretty good job on my shoes, boy. Now clean my feet.” She said
She pushed her left foot into Michael’s face, flattening his nose under her
toes as she did so. She pressed against his face more, feeling the strong
resistance as Mike tried to keep his head still.
“Put your tongue out, bitch” Laura ordered. Mike obeyed.
Laura began to rub her foot up and down on Mike’s tongue. He did no work at
all, just knelt before Laura as she continued to grind her foot into his
face for several minutes.
“How do my feet smell? They smell good? They as good as you dreamt?” Laura
joked, but Mike would have freely admitted they smelled great!
Laura clenched her slave’s nose shut between her two biggest toes.
“Open your mouth and suck on the balls of my feet.” She ordered, “suck them
clean now, boy.”
Mike opened his mouth wide, and Laura’s feet filled it immediately. He began
to suck, as he was instructed, making sure any dirt on her perfect soles
came off in his mouth.
“Now move on down and lick around my heels. Suck my heel.” Laura ordered
Mike found Laura again pushing her foot around on his face, pushing her heel
into his mouth and making him suck and lick the soft edges of her feet.
Laura had her feet looked after and attended to nearly every single day, but
it is impossible for anyone to go through an entire day keeping his or her
feet spotless and Laura had not even made any special effort to do so today.
Her heels were the dirtiest part and Mike really had to lick hard to remove
every single speck of dirt on them, leaving them as perfect as the rest of
“Now you can suck my toes clean” Laura invited.
Mike took her big toe in his mouth and began to suck gently on it, kissing
and licking with his tongue as he did so. Her toes were all so soft and
tasted absolutely gorgeous to Michael. He paid attention to detail in
cleaning every tiny part of her feet, even pushing the tip of his tongue
under each of her toenails and eating the minuscule amounts of dirt that had
collected there.
No sooner had he finished cleaning Laura’s little toe than she predictably
held her second foot up, an expectant look on her face. She did not need to
order Michael this time; he knew what to do and set about cleaning her right
foot in exactly the same way as he had her left.
When he was finished, he carefully placed her foot on the floor in front of
him. Laura looked down at him, surprised, and then raised her hand and
slapped him harshly on the cheek.
“What do you think you are doing?” she questioned angrily.
Mike was not sure what he had done wrong.
“You didn’t lick my toe ring clean, did you!” she shouted.
“I’m sorry Laura” Michael apologised, picking her foot up again and running
his tongue around the entire golden ring several times before setting her
foot down again.
“That’s better. Now put my shoes back on you dumb slave.” She said.
Her anger and viciousness were slowly building up inside her, which was not
going to be good for Michael. Once he had finished strapping her sandals
back on to her brilliantly cleaned feet, she had more orders for him.
“Stand up” she commanded.
She looked at Michael once he was stood. He did not dare to return her gaze
and instead looked straight ahead, staring at the wall in front of him.
Laura continued to eye him, up and down, for nearly a minute. Michael felt
tense and uncomfortable, just what Laura wanted.
“Strip” she said, a smile on her fantastic lips.
“What? No way!” Michael said, ready to rebel.
“Oh don’t be such a pussy. Just down to your boxers.” She said, but Michael
still refused. “Listen bitch, remember you are not in a position to chose
what you don’t do right now. A few seconds ago you were sat on your knees
licking the dirt from my shoes, you want everyone downstairs to know about
that?” she threatened in a serious, stern manner.
Michael went red as Laura was speaking, and began to stare at the floor.
Finally he gave in, took a deep breath and then removed his tee shirt. He
kicked off his shoes and pulled his socks off. Finally, he unbuckled his
belt and let his trousers fall to the floor as well.
Now Laura stood up, and began to walk around Michael, circling him and
eyeing him up as if he was not even human.
She walked round him in a complete circle until she was face to face with
him, and she stared straight into his eyes. She could feel him looking back
into her own eyes, falling even more in love with her, and she couldn’t stop
herself smiling. She gave a short laugh at his expense.
“Pick up your belt” she said.
Michael bent down to pick up the belt. He had an idea of what was coming
next, and he did not like it, he hoped he was wrong.
Laura held out her hand, and Michael realised he was too pass her the
leather belt. He did so.
Laura took it without saying a word and then began circling Michael again,
carefully folding the belt in half so as to make it a more manageable length
for her. She was now standing directly behind him, and she stopped walking.
Michael knew this because the sound that her heels made as she stepped
around on the plywood floor had also stopped. He prepared himself for what
he was sure was about to happen, there was no doubt in his mind.
Just as he had feared, Laura raised the belt up above her head and then
brought it swiftly downwards, coming into contact with Michael’s bare back
at full speed. Nothing could have readied Michael for the pain he felt as he
stumbled forwards slightly and a bright red mark developed almost instantly
where the belt had struck.
Laura then switched hands, holding the makeshift whip in her left now. She
raised her arm again, this time letting the whip come crashing down on the
left side of his back, forming an almost identical mark as the previous
stroke had.
Mike not had expected a second one and this time fell forwards even further,
screaming out in pain because of the shock. He was about to turn round but
Laura quickly and fiercely warned “Don’t you even think about moving, boy.
You got the honour of cleaning my feet, now I get to have some fun myself!”
She continued to whip his back several more times, building up momentum as
she worked, each stroke coming down harder and harder on his now-bright-red
Then, she paused for a few seconds. Mike tried to relax, and let his
shoulders drop; he wondered what would come next. He was close to tears; his
back felt like it was on fire from the pain.
Then Laura had another flash of brilliance. This time, she cracked the whip
against the back of his legs, causing him to fall on too his knees against
his will.
“I thought I told you not to move, you dumb bitch?” she taunted her slave.
“Get up NOW!” she ordered harshly.
Michael stood up reluctantly, he needed time to recover but he was not going
to get it. No sooner did he stand up than Laura smashed the whip against the
same spot on his leg. He went down on his knees again.
“You just can’t help but kneel when you are near me, can you boy?” Laura
laughed. She had been cruel her whole life, but never like this. She enjoyed
it – A lot.
“Please…. Laura…Stop” Mike pleaded pathetically, not getting up this time.
“You are sooo pathetic Mike, you know that?” Laura asked, annoyed.
“Yes...Laura…just…please stop…please” Michael continued sniffling.
Laura became annoyed, though she had had enough by now anyway. In her
harshest movement yet, she raised her arm for one final time, bringing the
belt down against the back of his head. Upon contact, Michael’s head flew
forwards, he had been caught completely off-guard, and he only just managed
to stop it from smashing against the floor in front of him.
Laura laughed out loud again. Oh, this whole night had been too much fun!
She let the whip drop to the ground, Michael stuttered a weak “Thank you”
when he saw it fall to the floor beside him.
“I didn’t stop because you asked me too. Why would I bother doing that? I
was just bored. Now stand up” Laura demanded icily.
Michael stood up in front of Laura, now not daring to turn round and face
her until he was ordered too. One thing was for certain; he would never
disobey her again. He couldn’t believe he had let this happen to him, but
surely it couldn’t get any worse now…Could it?
His thoughts were stopped as he felt Laura’s fingers go gently into the back
of his boxers.
“Don’t move,” she said before he had the chance too, as if she could read
his mind. Michael stood still, completely humbled and humiliated. One thing
puzzled him though, as he felt Laura slowly pull his boxers down around his
knees and then further, towards his ankles, and then right off his feet.
After all Laura had done to him today, why did he still love her so much…to
the extent of worshipping her even? He did not know the answer. He would
soon work it out.
He stood in the middle of Laura’s room, totally naked now, in the company of
the most beautiful women he had ever seen – Who was of course, still fully
clothed. That same woman had now walked around him again, and was standing
face to face, a few inches away.
Laura was nowhere near finished yet. She stuck her hand out and grabbed hold
of Michael’s balls, squeezing them tightly.
“Still having fun, slave boy?” Laura mocked, as she watched Michael
struggle, squirm and wince in pain. She squeezed tighter.
“So what hurts more?” she teased…”Me grabbing your tiny balls like this…”
she gave an extra hard squeeze, “Or me crushing your pathetic penis
like…this?” Laura released his balls, but then grabbed his penis and
stretched it out, crushing it tightly in her fist as she spoke.
“Come on Mike, which hurts more?” she quipped. “Answer me Mike, you know I’m
a bit impatient!”
“Um…They both hurt Laura. They both hurt!” Michael answered desperately.
“Smart answer Mike, well done. But I want you to admit how pathetic your
dick is. Admit it now doggie!” she ordered.
“My dick is pathetic, Laura” Michael said, still struggling as Laura had not
yet released his penis from her strong grip.
“That’s right boy, it is!” Laura laughed in agreement.
Finally satisfied, Laura released her hold and Michael took a deep breath,
wanting to use all the seconds he was allowed to recover. He was beginning
to think this torture would never end, he even wondered if he was going to
be able to survive this treatment until whenever Laura hopefully got bored
of him and let him free. “If that ever even happens,” he thought sadly.
“Don’t worry, doggy. We’re almost finished…For now.” Laura said. She really
can read my mind, Michael thought.
Laura paused for a few seconds; Michael tried to ready himself for the
worst. But nothing could prepare him for this…
“Now Mike, this is going to be a big thing. You’re not going to like it.
Well you might actually, you’re full of surprises” she added, mocking him
further, “But you’re going to let it happen. You’re not going to complain;
not one word. Once we have done this, you’ll be my true little bitch. And
let’s face it Mike, that’s what YOU want anyway.”
Michael was silent.
“See? You’re not even going to deny it. You probably want this more than me,
don’t you?” she teased, not expecting an answer.
Laura walked off behind Michael, towards the walk-in wardrobe she loved so
much. She reached up to the top shelf, above all the lines of expensive
clothing she owned, and pulled down a shoebox. She opened it up and from
inside pulled out a 12-inch strap-on.
Checking that Michael still had his back to her, she began to put it on and
tighten in up around her waist.
“Now Mike,” she called out, still in the wardrobe, “I want you to get down
on your knees and prepare to be made a REAL bitch”.
Laura had mentioned this twice now, and Michael suddenly had an idea of what
a “real” bitch might mean. He was horrified at the thought. “She couldn’t”
he though desperately. But he still knew he would not refuse. He would do
anything she said, and that included this.
Laura walked back into the room, then went round and stood in front of
Michael, who was speechless at the sight of what was in front of him.
“You looking forwards to this, bitch?” she asked, grinning broadly.
“Oh...please…Laura…Don’t” he begged.
“Shut up bitch, you know this is what YOU want really, don’t deny it. Now
open your mouth.”
Michael hesitated.
“Do it” she said flatly.
Michael opened him mouth a tiny fraction, but it was enough for Laura as she
grabbed hold of the back of his head and thrust her hips forwards, forcing
the strap-on deeper and deeper into his mouth.
“I suggest you suck it properly, it’ll make what comes next easier” she
giggled loudly.
Michael would have choked at those words, had Laura not pushed the strap on
so far back into his mouth. She began to push it in and out, like she had
before with her shoe heel, but much faster and harder. It was so humiliating
for Michael, which made it so much more fun to Laura, who never loosened her
grip on her slave’s head for even a second.
For at least fifteen minutes she kept this going, not removing the strap on
from Michael’s mouth for even a split second. Then finally, she withdrew it,
leaving Michael gasping for air.
“I think we’ve got it wet enough now” she said thoughtfully, looking
downwards. She then looked up at Michael, still on his knees.
“Bend over the bed” she ordered.
Michael was even surprised at himself as he found himself crawling towards
the bed on his knees, then getting up and bending over the edge of it. Even
he did not realise he would go this far just to please Laura.
Laura stepped up behind him, he winced in dreaded anticipation with every
step towards him she took.
“Ready for this” she asked, still teasing him, although he did not even hear
her words at this point.
Laura pulled his legs apart, and then thrust her hips forwards again in a
now-familiar motion. Michael screamed in pain as Laura continued to push,
further and further. When she withdrew after only a few seconds, although
that felt like hours to Michael, he began gasping for air, taking deep sighs
of relief and pleading with Laura to stop all at once.
“Shut up” she responded, “Just try and be a good, quiet little bitch for
once, ok?” she asked, as if it were the most normal request in the world.
She readied herself to go again, and this time pushed even further into
Michael than before and then left the strap-on in position for a few extra
seconds before withdrawing, enjoying the sight of her hated brother-in-law
squirming in pain as she did so.
“Good doggie, good doggie. You’re doing well” she mocked. “Maybe you’re
ready for us to go properly, I’ve only stuck a couple of inches in you so
far” she suggested as Michael gasped in horror.
“Yes, I think we’ll go for it!” she finished, decisively, before thrusting
forwards again.
This time, she did go in much further, as she had threatened, and Michael
was certainly aware of it. Would anyone else in the house hear his cries of
pain? Unlikely, they were muffled by the bed sheets his face was smothered
in. No one would help him, he was at Laura’s mercy again. And he hated to
admit it, but…he was still turned on. He hated the treatment, he really did,
but Laura’s laughter and obvious pleasure made it all seem nearly worthwhile
to him.
Then Laura withdrew again, but not completely this time, which meant Michael
was allowed no relief at all. Instead, she began pumping in and out in a
rapid, fast and rough motion, not allowing him a second to even gather his
breath as his howls were muffled by the bedclothes that he cried in too.
“Ohhh yeaaaaah” Laura said in ecstasy, fully enjoying the moment. “You
enjoying this, bitch?” she said loudly and harshly. “I’m giving your ass a
good fucking now, aren’t I bitch? Aren’t I?” she said, completely caught up
in the moment as she continued to pump faster and faster.
Finally she halted. She paused, she caught her breath. Her dildo was still
stuck at least 5 inches into Michael, but that didn’t matter. He probably
got turned on by it, she thought in disgust. He might have been a
surprisingly obedient little bitch tonight, but that just made him worse in
Laura’s opinion, despite her “kind” words.
She wiped her sweaty hair from in front of her eyes. She wondered if her
makeup had begun to run, she had suddenly became aware of how sweaty she had
become and it freaked her out.
Finally, she decided her slave had had as much as he could take of this. She
withdrew the dildo and left him kneeling, face down in the bed.
She walked back off to the wardrobe and removed the strap-on, placing it
back in the box on the top shelf she had originally taken it from. She
looked at herself in the full-size mirror that was in the wardrobe. Her
makeup wasn’t too bad, she decided, but her clothes looked horrible when
they were creased and sweaty. Still, she felt far too satisfied to care
right now.
Laura took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. She slipped her shoes
off and flicked them on too the floor, before walking back into the room.
Michael was still knelt where she had left him.
“Well I bet you didn’t even know I had one of them, did you?” she said
brightly. “I guess we both have secrets, huh Mike?”
Slowly, Michael tried to regain his composure, even though he knew there was
no way of going back now. He was going to be Laura’s forever. He knelt back
up and looked round at Laura, his face still bright red, as was his back
from where he was whipped before. That seemed like a lifetime ago to him
“Well I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tired now” Laura continued, as
if nothing had happened. “ I need to relax!” she declared, jumping on too
her giant bed and lying sprawled across it, her feet just hanging off the
bottom edge.
“Why don’t you be a good little boy and lick the soles of my feet again?”
she said, tiredly. “Go on slave, you deserve it!” she finished.
Michael crawled around to the foot of the bed and, on all fours like a dog,
began to lick at the sweaty soles of Laura’s feet.

The Morning After

Laura opened her eyes slowly and found herself staring at the familiar white
ceiling of her bedroom. Damn, she thought to herself. She must have drifted
off to sleep whilst Michael was licking her feet clean last night. She had
not realised she had been that tired and had wanted to make him humiliate
himself a bit more before she had got any rest.
Never mind, Laura thought. The important thing was finding Michael again
today. She hoped for his sake he had not been foolish and returned home when
she had fallen asleep. Without moving from her place in the centre of the
bed, Laura looked about her, surveying the room. She couldn’t see her little
slave anywhere, and was beginning to get angry.
Her mind was put at ease for a few seconds when she crawled to the bottom of
her bed and glanced down – To see her slave asleep on the floor, curled up
in a ball like a little doggie. How appropriate, Laura thought.
Laura got out of bed and stood up. When she looked down at herself she
realised she had not even managed to change out of her clothes before she
fell asleep. Her clothes felt worn and uncomfortable, she was not used to
having to wear them for such a long time at once. Michael was still naked,
of course, as Laura walked over to him and stood towering above him.
She took a deep breath as she prepared to make her next words seem
convincing, as if she really meant them. Then, she swung her right foot back
and smashed it into Michael’s ribs. He awoke with a start, coughing and
stunned, wondering what had happened.
He looked up and saw Laura, angrily staring back down at him, and
immediately backed down, knowing his place.
“What the fuck do you think you are doing falling asleep, you worthless,
useless bitch?”
“But...I thought...Once you…” He said after a pause, before trailing off
into silence.
“You think you get to do something just because I did? You think you’re as
good as me? Haven’t you learnt anything?” She kicked him in the ribs again,
harder this time, then watched as he moaned in pain and tried to roll away.
“You don’t do anything unless I tell you to, and that includes sleeping, you
little bitch.”
Michael whispered a quiet and desperate apology, still not daring to move.
There was silence for a few seconds, but he could still feel her presence a
few inches away from him.
Laura aimed another kick at his ribs and enjoyed the fierce sound her foot
made as it came into contact with his body.
“Get the fuck up, you stupid slave” She ordered, “You have work to do, don’t
you know that? Slave’s don’t get time off!”
Michael stood up slowly, prepared to reluctantly do whatever Laura ordered
him too. The memories of last night were still painful in his mind. She
stood face to face with him, sensing his fear and revelling in it, enjoying
the little bastards suffering.
“Get the fuck into the bathroom and get my bath run now, slave.” She said in
a vicious voice, still acting angry from finding him asleep without
Michael did not even say a word; he just walked in to the on-suite bathroom
of Laura’s and began to run her bath for her. He made sure he put in a lot
of the bubble bath he had found nearby as he did not want to disappoint his
Goddess more than he already had.
During this time, Laura was no where to be seen, but Michael did not go
looking for her anyway. Laura had threatened him, saying today would be hard
work, and Laura always carried her threats through. Michael would need every
second of rest he could get, he was sure.
After several minutes, the bath was run. It was nearly full and you could
see the steam rising from the hot water. Michael was tired and his body
hurt, he wanted nothing more than to be able to take such a bath himself,
and yet he knew that he would not be allowed. He was now a slave and got
nothing more than what Laura chose to give him.
He called out “Laura, your bath is ready!” and a minute later Laura walked
into the bathroom, still fully dressed. She approached a confused Michael
and slapped him harshly across his face.
“Don’t shout out at me like I’m your bitch, loser” she warned. “When
speaking to me, you get down on your knees and crawl right up to me. You got
that, loser?”
Michael couldn’t believe it; she really didn’t see him as anything other
than a piece of shit. And yet he couldn’t help but get turned on, everything
about Laura turned him on and that included her bitchy attitude.
“Yes Laura, I am sorry,” he said in apology.
Another slap across his face, harder and sharper this time.
“What did I just tell you, bitch?”
Michael thought for a second, trying to ignore the furious expression on
Laura’s face. Finally he realised what he had done wrong, and immediately
dropped down on too his knees in front of Laura.
“I am sorry Laura” he uttered once again.
“That’s better” Laura answered, satisfied. “However” she paused, “You will
no longer call me Laura. I shall explain that later on today”.
Michael looked up at her, wondering what she could mean by that. He could
not think about it for very long though, because Laura had other plans for
him and he would have to obey as usual.
“Hurry up and undress me” she ordered, “And try not to perve on my body too
much you fucking loser!” she said laughing.
Michael remained on his knees, staring at her bare feet and wondering where
to begin, Laura had given him no clues.
“Oh fucking hurry up!” she said impatiently and then, sensing his confusion,
added “Crawl around behind me and take my skirt off!”
Michael obeyed eagerly, ashamed at himself when he realised how keen he was
too carry this out. When he was behind her, he knelt up and undid the button
at the top, before he began to gently tug on the bottom of her skirt, slowly
beginning to slide it down her long, sexy, tanned legs and then letting it
drop to the ground around her feet.
He knew Laura had warned him not too, but it was impossible not to admire
the fantastic sight before his eyes at this point. Laura really was
stunning, Michael thought to himself. He began to get lost in his thoughts
and forgot the orders he was supposed to be obeying.
He was brought back to Earth when Laura realised why he had stopped. She
flicked her heel up behind her and it landed right between Michael’s legs,
causing him to fall to the floor again.
“I warned you not to perve too much, you disgusting loser” she said, meaning
every word.
Michael got back on too his knees and apologised again. He noticed that
Laura had already unbuttoned her shirt and was waiting for him to slip it
off, so he stood up behind her and removed the designer clothing from her
beautiful shoulders as gently as he could. He then went and placed it
carefully inside the clothes basket, so it could be taken away and washed by
one of the servants actually paid to do it.
“Now undo my bra” she ordered, and Michael dutifully unclasped the hook and
removed the lacy bra, placing it in the clothesbasket as well.
“I bet you’ve been looking forward to this, haven’t you, bitch?” she said
teasingly as she indicated that Michael should remove her underwear next.
Michael didn’t answer, still too shy and embarrassed about what he had
become in such a short space of time. Instead, he dropped to his knees
behind Laura once more and began to slowly roll her underwear down her long
legs, before dropping them in the laundry basket as well.
When he returned, he saw that Laura had already climbed into the deep bath
he had run for her, and only her beautiful head was above the deep, soapy
water. He made a move towards the door, expecting his Goddess to want to be
alone at this time, respecting her privacy. Laura, however, had other ideas.
“Get back her slave, I’m not done with you yet!” she stated, and Michael
stopped in his tracks and looked back at Laura.
“I want you to kneel down at the foot of the bathtub like a good little
bitch” she commanded, not able to stop herself from ending with a short,
cute laugh.
Michael obeyed, as was becoming normal for the two of them, and knelt down,
still completely naked. He was no longer embarrassed about it though; he had
grown used to it overnight.
Laura had fallen silent again, and Michael wondered what the purpose of him
actually being there was. Had Laura just wanted to show how much power she
had over him?
But no, Michael soon found out. He should have known better, of course, as
Laura always seemed to have some kind of a plan.
Her beautiful left foot began to slowly appear above the surface of the
water and she propped it up on the side of the bath, the sole staring in
Michael’s direction.
“Slave, massage and bathe my feet” she said, and Michael knelt up, taking
hold of her delicate foot within his hands as if it were a precious stone or
something. He cupped some of the bath water in his other hand and began to
let it run over her feet, watching as it ran down through her sexy toes and
back into the bath.
He repeated this process several times, trying to make Laura more relaxed,
and it worked. When he looked up he saw that Laura was lying back, totally
relaxed. She even had her eyes shut and a smile on her lips.
This pleased and encouraged Michael, who then began to slowly and firmly rub
her foot with both his hands.
He heard an “mmm” of satisfaction come from Laura’s mouth, almost like a cat
purring at it relaxed in the sun. He knew he must be doing a good job, but
he still kept his full concentration upon massaging her foot as well as he
Eventually, after several minutes, Laura pulled her foot from Michael’s grip
and let it drop back into the water with a small splash. As her slave
expected, her other foot then came out of the water and took its place on
the side of the bath.
“And again, Slave” she said, not even bothering to open her eyes and
acknowledge him.
Michael didn’t say anything in reply, either, instead picking up another bit
of water in his hands and, as before, letting it drip down across her foot.
It helped relax the muscles, or at least that was what he thought.
He then began massaging again, but this time Laura did not seem as happy
with his work. She constantly squirmed and seemed to be groaning with
frustration more than anything else. Eventually she lost her patience and
opened her eyes, staring at Michael directly and removing her foot from his
“What’s wrong with you?” she demanded, then, not giving him the chance to
answer, continuing “You aren’t trying as hard as you were before! God, you
are so lazy!” she moaned.
Then she hesitated for a second. “Fine” she said, breaking the silence again
“I guess if your hands aren’t up to the job you can just massage my feet
with your mouth.”
And then she pushed her foot right up into his face again, pressing her toes
against his lips and then pushing them harder, actually into his mouth.
“Wash them with your tongue” she ordered, and Michael obeyed. He enjoyed
cleaning her toes as much as he did any other part of her feet. They may not
have been very dirty at all, but they had been covered in sweat last night,
and to Michael that salty taste was terrific. He cleaned her toes in his
mouth, trying to lap up every last bit of sweat and dirt on them.
Meanwhile, Laura directed him, giving him teasing and humiliating
instructions, which she knew he would always obey without question.
“Massage my toes with my tongue,
God, you love this don’t you? You little pervert!
How do my dirty, sweaty feet taste, bitch? Good?
Make sure you get all the dirt from under my toenails too…That’s better!
Don’t you wish you had just done a better job to begin with now?
Remember, I’m the Princess and you’re just a dumb slave!”
And on and on the verbal humiliation went, only stopping when Laura got
bored of doing it. Michael tried to ignore her words, but he found it
impossible. Her voice penetrated his mind no matter how hard he tried to
resist, he could not find it in himself to disobey or ignore her. He found
himself going red at her taunting, but not for once second did he consider
the idea of not obeying her orders.
He continued to clean her feet in his mouth, with his tongue, working as
hard as he could, right up until Laura got bored of that too and pulled her
foot out of his mouth. If she wasn’t going to laugh at him, there was no
point in letting him have the honour of worshipping her feet, she reasoned
to herself.
Michael looked disappointed and even upset, like a child who had lost his
favourite toy, when Laura took her feet away. She lay relaxed, eyes shut
again, pretending he wasn’t there. After a while, she decided to be merciful
and give him another bit of work.
“Instead of just sitting there, do something useful. Get that sponge and
soap my sexy little body, NOW” she said, pointing roughly in the direction
of a set of sponges on a shelf nearby. Michael reached up and took one,
soaking it through in the still warm bath water before rubbing it softly
against Laura’s body. He took this time to admire her curves, her figure,
falling more in love with her by the second. “Is she perfect in every way or
what?” He thought to himself, knowing the answer.
He squeezed the sponge lightly as he worked, letting the water run across
her body, the small soap bubbles clearly visible. Her skin was so soft and
smooth and he found himself lost in admiration as he worked. Laura didn’t
notice though, she was still lying back with her eyes shut.
Eventually she had had enough, grown tired and bored of lying so still. The
feeling of the sponge and warm water on her skin was not as relaxing as it
had been and she had other plans for her slave that she wanted to put into
“Stop now, Slave” she said, opening her eyes and sitting up so suddenly that
it startled Michael. He stumbled back and fell onto the floor, causing Laura
to laugh out loudly at his expense again.
“You really are a useless clumsy bitch, aren’t you?” she said, not wanting
an answer. Michael knew that, and didn’t give her one; instead he just
accepted the humiliation.
He picked himself up and sat on his knees again, looking up at Laura as she
stepped out the bath. She stood still and looked down at him, before
launching another unexpected slap against his face. Her hand was wet, so it
hurt even more than usual and left a big, red mark.
“Why haven’t you got a towel ready for me, Slave?” she complained loudly,
slapping him once again in exactly the same spot as before.
She had never mentioned a towel before, Michael was certain of it, and yet
he did not dare complain. Instead, he crawled like a dog towards the towel
rack that he could see, fetched a towel and bought it back. He knew he
looked stupid when he crawled, but by now he was actually happy to humiliate
himself for Laura.
When he was at Laura’s feet again, he looked up. She looked down at him,
waiting, and he realised what he was meant to do next. He reached up and
wrapped a towel around her waist, tying it tightly at the front.
She looked down at him. “Get another towel now, quickly!” she ordered,
slapping his face and laughing. Michael crawled away again and returned
again with another towel. This time, he guessed, he had to drop it over her
shoulders and let it cover her upper body. Laura waited, still and
expectant, as Michael worked. Finally, she slapped him around the face
again, just for good measure.
“Now go into the bedroom and kneel at the foot of the bed. Wait for me” said
Laura, dismissing her slave.
Laura took her time in the bathroom. Drying herself, Michael guessed, and he
was write. A few minutes later Laura reappeared still wrapped in two towels,
although they were new ones, dry and fresh. Her brilliant, long blonde hair
was still wet but her skin was perfectly dry.
She walked straight through her room, ignoring Michael who felt like an
idiot as he knelt at the foot of her bed, still totally naked. Instead, she
went into her huge walk-in wardrobe, which Michael knew usually meant
something bad for him.
She took a long time, longer even than usual. Michael saw why when she
re-appeared, looking more breathtaking and sexy than Michael had previously
thought possible. Laura was barefoot and had clearly made no effort to style
her hair, as it was still wet.
However, she was wearing a short-sleeved, tight black shirt that only
covered half of her stomach. What was more attention grabbing were her black
leather trousers. They were crotchless, and she was wearing no underwear.
Michael could not take his eyes off of Laura’s beautiful pussy.
She pretended not to notice, and strode confidently over to her bed. She
jumped on it and crawled over to the middle. She sat with her back rested on
the headboard and her legs stretched out, spread out, in front of her.
“Get up here, boy” she ordered.
Michael could not hide his eagerness, he was sure of what was going to
happen next. He leapt up on too the bed and crawled on all fours towards
Laura, shaking in anticipation.
He was about to jump in when Laura ordered “Woaaah, slow down you dirty
little bitch!”
Michael stopped, disappointed. It was then that he caught site of what Laura
held in her hands. In one was a thin black riding whip, but in the other was
something much more humiliating. A dog leash.
Michael bowed his head in shame, although part of him was excited at this
treatment. Laura knew Michael could tell what was coming and laughed.
“Haha…Good doggie” she said. “Now you get a leash like all the other
doggies,” she added happily.
She leant forwards and pulled the collar over his head and tightened it
around his neck. She held the leash in his hand. Now she had complete
control over him and his movements, she could pull and lead him wherever she
She held the whip in her other, spare hand, raised and ready to strike.
“Now you little bitch…” she began, “I want to hear you beg to lick my
There was silence, Michael obviously wanting to, but still embarrassed.
“Do it NOW” she commanded.
“P…P…Please Laura”

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