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Stone's Empire - Part 1

The Main Players

The Families

The Stones.

Baroness Alicia Stone – aged 42

Mrs. Sharine Stewart (nee Stone) - aged 21 Married to Mark Stewart.

Ms Nicola Stone – aged 18

The Stewarts

Joel Stewart – age 52

Marty Stewart (his wife) – aged 50

Mark Stewart – aged 27

Allan Stewart – aged 25

Dalal Stewart – aged 25

Other Personalities

Marshall – Butler to Baroness Stone.

David – Personal Assistant to Baroness Stone.

Elaine Bishop – Chief Warden Stone Prison.

Mary Ellis – Police Chief.

Michelle Evans – Congresswoman

Catherine Whittle – Governor.

Chapter 1.

Baroness Alicia Stone felt the engines of the Executive Jet throttle back, at the same time the slim-line phone on the consol of her chair rang quietly, she picked it up and held it to her ear, silently -

“I am sorry to worry you Madam, but we are beginning our descent now and will be landing in ten minutes” Captain Shirley Gloss advised her high profile employer and passenger.

“Thank you Captain” the Baroness replied, “I trust all is arranged on the ground?”

“Yes Madam, everything is ready for you”, the chief pilot of Stone Industries had learnt to ensure that the ground staff were in attendance and awaiting the arrival of the Company Corporate jet with its VIP passenger.

As the jet drew to a halt alongside the luxury saloon car and utility vehicles parked outside the private hanger, the door opened and the stairs descended, a few minutes later the Baroness emerged to enter the waiting Mercedes Benz S600 which was waiting to whisk her away to her offices. The staff on the ground and the aircrew were left to load baggage and attend to clearance formalities.

The driver did not speak to his passenger, he had already been briefed on her requirements and as she settled into the comfortable seat she allowed herself to relax a little and watch the news channel on the TV screen mounted on the bulkhead. The car threaded its way through the early evening traffic of the city as it made its way through the harshly lit streets toward the Corporate Headquarters of Stone Industries

Baroness Alicia Stone, chief Executive Officer of the World Wide Stone Industries, was a name to be reckoned with. Having taken over the running of the Company from her husband John following his unexplained disappearance seven years earlier, she had forged the corporate body into one of the strongest groups in the Country. Her precision sharp analytical mind, her business acumen and her totally ruthless desire to succeed had seen her fight her way to the top of the business world.

The work had been hard but the rewards and achievements had been great and her fabulous wealth and envied position amongst her contemporaries were testimony to her success.

Alicia Stone was feared as an operator who got what she wanted, any individual or Company that fell within her target area knew that the inevitable result would be complete annihilation or takeover, dependant on what suited Alicia. The stories of her exploits had grown and further fueled by the inevitable rumour within her world, added to her mystique and strengthened her reputation as an evil predator whose power, wealth and influence were beyond question.

The car arrived in the underground car-park, the driver leapt out and held the door for Alicia as she swept toward her private elevator which carried her directly to her suite of offices on the penthouse floor, she exited the elevator and entered her office through her private door. Placing her briefcase on her desk she sat and quickly scanned the desktop contents, within a few minutes she had cleared the accumulated correspondence and was ready for her personal assistant to brief her on happenings during her absence, a press of the buzzer on her desk summoned him.

David opened the door of Alicia’s office, silently he walked forward to the center of the carpeted room until he stood before her desk, he sank to his knees and bowed his head as he greeted his employer

“Welcome back Madame”

“Get on with it” her response was curt as she hardly glanced toward the kneeling man, accepting his obeisance as her due.

Still on his knees, David quickly ran through the pile of papers he had brought with him, he updated her on what had come in during her absence and what he had done. His competence was impressive, qualified as an MBA and Chartered Accountant, he had managed to handle everything in her absence. He knew what failure on his part would have meant and any shortcomings were not an option.

Alicia remained silent after he had finished talking, opening her briefcase she took out a thick folder and flipped through it, she allowed herself a gentle smile as she scanned the volumes of evidence, genuine and created, that it contained. This file represented a year of work, surveillance reports, photographs, files, computer discs, reports, bank records, in fact every facet of a forensic investigation that had been created and commissioned to provide her with what she needed, enough to place her bitter and longstanding rival in a very dangerous position.

She placed the folder on her desk and indicated it to David –

“By tomorrow I want a complete photocopy of this file, in addition I want it all scanned into my computer and further copied to five separate flash drives, you do it personally and have everything on my desk by the time I get in”

“As you wish Madame,” he replied, she looked at the kneeling man and appeared lost in thought for a few moments, refocusing on him she instructed -

“Tomorrow at exactly 9.00am, you are to telephone Stewart Leisure Incorporated and set up a meeting with Mr. Joel Stewart, I want him here at 10.00am on Saturday morning”

“It will be done Madame”

Alicia smiled to herself, she had spent months setting up Mister Joel Stewart, he believed that a merger was in the offing and had no idea of her intentions, she knew that his greed and his pompous self-opinion would ensure that he attended the meeting.

“Go now, tell the driver I am on my way down”

David bowed forward until his forehead touched the carpet, he remained motionless for a few seconds and then stood, bowing at the waist he retreated backwards from the office. Alicia waited until the door was closed and then slowly relaxed, as she sank into her chair she allowed the tension to run out of her body until she felt calm and in control, she allowed her mind to dwell on the upcoming meeting for a while and then with a smile of pleasure she mentally filed it away, knowing that the anticipation would build slowly as she brought to a climax her plan to bring down her rival once and for all.

Chapter Two

Leaning over the table, the Baroness punched a number into the phone, her call was answered on the second ring –

“Baroness, how nice to hear from you, I trust you had a good trip” the refined voice pleased her as she spoke to Elaine Bishop, the Warden of the privately funded and run Stone Correctional Facility.

“Warden, I will be calling on you in the next hour”

“Madam, you know that you are most welcome and that it will be our pleasure to accommodate you”

“Thank you”

Alicia terminated the call, stood and headed for the elevator that would take her to the waiting car.

On entering the main gate of the correctional facility, the Mercedes driver merely slowed at the gate as the staff on duty snapped to attention and saluted smartly, acknowledging them with a nod of her head Alicia felt the excitement and anticipation building within her. The car veered off the main road and made its way to the private complex tucked away in a well secluded part of the prison yard, the complex which was contained in its own walled area was a luxuriously appointed house with every modern convenience and comfort.

The driver halted the car under the covered area outside the main entrance hall, he quickly ran around to the passenger door and held it open as Alicia gracefully alighted from the rear seat, resplendent in her smart business suit and black high heels she cut an imperious figure as she strode toward the entrance. To meet her was the Facility Warden, Elaine Bishop, a stunningly beautiful black woman in her early thirties, she took Alicia’s proffered hand and instead of shaking it bowed gracefully over it and kissed the knuckles of her fingers,

“Greetings Ma’am, welcome”, Alicia smiled at her, “Warden, how nice to see you” she retrieved her hand and walked into the house.

Walking down the beautiful hall Alicia cast a critical eye over the expensive fittings, in her usual style everything was of the highest quality and no expense had been spared in making this a haven of absolute peace and beauty. Followed by Elaine, she swept into the lounge and was immediately pleased at the subdued lighting that gave a warm glow to the room, tossing her handbag onto a sofa she turned her back to the huge fireplace and leaning lightly against the mantel surveyed the room.

No sooner had Elaine entered behind her than she pressed a concealed bell to summon the servants, the staff door opened silently and two men entered, both were in their late forties, were immaculately dressed in dress suites and groomed to perfection, products of the Correctional Facility they had been selected and trained to serve as domestic staff in the private complex.

Alicia felt a peace and calm descend over her, she felt her body and mind start to focus and sharpen as the men approached, one immediately knelt before her and bowing forward kissed her high heeled shoes, as soon as he had kissed both of them he placed his lips on the toe of her right shoe and remained absolutely still, kowtowed at her feet. Alicia noted with satisfaction that the second man had adopted the same attitude at the feet of the warden his mouth paying homage to her smart uniformed court shoes.

She was home, her power and absolute authority stirred within her, she looked down at the groveling man and ordered –

“Scotch on the rocks, a tall one” without a word, the servant kissed her shoes again and crawled backwards from her presence, he was followed by his contemporary, having received orders from Elaine.

Alicia walked across to the sofa and sat down, she relaxed back into the voluptuous cushions and crossed her legs at the knee in front of her, her left leg crossed over the right so that he delicate left foot swung gently above the carpet. Elaine sat in an armchair to her left and they had just engaged in small talk when the two men returned, bearing drinks on silver trays held chest high, they crawled on their knees until they knelt before the women, as the drinks were lifted from the trays the bearers bowed forward and kowtowed before them. The man who knelt at Alicia’s feet, lowered his mouth to her left shoe and unbidden began to lick the glossy leather, without even glancing at him she accepted his adoration. The man who groveled before Elaine hesitated and was rewarded with a vicious kick to the face, the smart court shoe caught him on the cheek bone and for a millisecond he flinched before reigning in his pain and bowing his head firmly to the warden’s foot as he started to lick her shoe.

Alicia smiled in pleasure at the action of her friend, she had chosen well when she had appointed Elaine the chief warden at the facility, despite her youth and her stunning looks, the black women was a vicious disciplinarian and female supremacist. The female inmates of the joint facility were not spared her iron rule either, they lived by the same code as the men under her command, they were required to exhibit total submission to her authority and to that of her officers. The slightest sign of resistance or dissent was ruthlessly dealt with in such imaginative ways to have ensured that her rule was absolute, Elaine showed submission to only one person, her employer, mentor and friend, the Baroness Stone.

After engaging in casual conversation for a while, Alicia and Elaine finished their drinks, Alicia merely dropped her glass onto the head of the groveling man, it bounced off his head onto the lush carpet as he ignored it and continued licking her shoes.

“I am ready” Alicia stood and walked across the room, followed by Elaine she entered the bedroom wing and was soon in the plush master bedroom as the door swung shut behind her. Silently walking to the bed on which garments had been laid, Alicia turned and faced Elaine, she stood with her feet slightly apart and her back straight, shoulders squared as the other women approached her, she slowly unbuttoned Alicia’s suit jacket and proceeded to remove it, she calmly undressed the baroness until she stood in her underwear, stockings and shoes, she then knelt before her and slipped the shoes off her feet, rolling down the stockings she removed those as well.

Standing, Elaine leant over the bed and picked up the garments that were laid out, she dressed the Baroness, buttoning and zipping the skin tight supple leather bodice around her torso, holding the trousers she assisted her to step into them and then zipped them snugly around her hips. The Warden knelt in front of Alicia again and one by one held each studded patent leather high heeled pump as she slipped her feet into them, settling them firmly onto Alicia’s feet she reverently placed each foot back on the carpet. Rising once again, Elaine collected a short handled whip from the bed and attached it to a loop on Alicia’s belt, she then took a supple leather riding crop and moving around to face her, knelt before Alicia and handed it to her, as the Baroness took the crop, Elaine bowed forward and kissed the toe of each shoe in turn

“Mistress” she greeted the transformed woman.

Alicia snapped her fingers and Elaine rose to her feet, she walked across the room to a closet where, watched critically by Alicia, she changed into her own outfit, a snuggly fitting leather cat suit which she complimented with knee high stiletto boots. Collecting her own crop, she again approached Alicia, kneeling she kissed both of her shoes and spoke clearly and confidently –

“Mistress, a prisoner awaits your correction and discipline”

The two women entered the punishment room, it had been furnished in the style of an English dungeon and the heavy wooden beams and hidden lighting created an atmosphere of its own. In the center of the room was a large whipping horse, with his feet on the floor and his body bent over, the prisoner was strapped to its leather body. He was naked with the exception of a leather hood that had been secured over his head and face, effectively rendering him blind for the occasion. The man was no longer young but his body was firm and in good shape, it was clear that good living and expensive gyms had kept it that way, Alicia noted this but gave no more than a fleeting thought to the circumstances that may have placed this man in this position before her, she did not care – that he was here was enough.

In the silence of the room she stalked around him, studying him from every angle, the sharp sound of her heels on the stone floor made an ominous sound as she surveyed the prisoner.

“Warden, has this animal been advised of his misdeed and of what punishment to expect” she demanded of Elaine,

“Mistress, it is immaterial, he is here to receive punishment at your pleasure” she answered, pleasing the stalking Baroness.

A muffled sound escaped the hooded head as the prisoner uttered meaningless words into the gag beneath the leather.

The next hour was brutal, Alicia started slowly by using the crop on the exposed body of the prisoner, she built her momentum until only his buttocks remained untouched. Welts appeared on the arms, legs and back of the secured man as she applied cutting stroke after cutting stroke, the initial moans from the man gave way to muffled shrieks as she expertly wielded her crop, inflicting the maximum amount of pain with out causing fatal damage. Graduating to the short whip, Alicia added fiery welts to the imprisoned body before her, she artfully used the flexibility of the whip to punish his flaccid genitals as they hung exposed between his wounded legs, eliciting screams of agony as she did so.

Alicia’s excitement built as she administered the beating, her face was flushed and her breathing deep and controlled, her voice was husky as she commented on her handiwork and spoke to the watching Elaine. After she had avoided marking the buttocks for the entire session, Alicia finally turned her attention to them, she placed three horrendous blows expertly across the quivering flesh as a finale to the whipping, she was pleased to see that there was still enough strength remaining in the prisoner for him to writhe in agony and convulse the muscle on receipt of her attention.

Dropping the whip, she stepped away, her excitement was tangible as she dropped her trousers and stepped out of them, she stepped toward Elaine who was quick to kneel and strap a large black dildo onto the Baroness, the harness buckled around her naked hips leaving her glorious buttocks bare as the base of the dildo fitted snugly against her mons Venus and pulsating womanhood. Alicia stepped back to the immobile man, he sensed that something was about to happen and tried in vain to resist her as she violently spread his arse cheeks, hesitating a second or two she prodded the huge bulbourous head of the artificial penis against the dry unlubricated hole of her victim, sensing his terror she smiled as she violently thrust home into his body, driving the hard rubber organ deep within his tight, dry arsehole. The scream of pain emanating from the prisoner drove her on as her thrusts became more controlled and regular as she violated the man before her.

Elaine watched in silence, her own pleasure mounting as she watched the predator demolish her prey, she monitored her Mistress’s excitement and with perfect timing she moved quietly behind her, dropping to her knees she began to kiss Alicia’s buttocks adoringly and as her climax started to mount she parted the perfect cheeks gently and licked the puckered rose hole before her, as she sensed the Mistresses climax and felt the contractions begin, she boldly plunged her tongue deep into the warmth and bitterness of her arsehole and thrust it fiercely into her as she heard the moaning develop into a shattering scream, as Alicia climaxed violently against the dildo pressing against her she put her hands behind her and grabbing Elaine’s head she firmly pulled her face into her as the adoring tongue probed deep within the heat of her being.


  1. My views on fem/dom are that it is the biggest turn on for me and I can't get enough of brutal and exquisite denial of the male of the species.

  2. Mistress Affina,

    I do not expect you to remember me as I am but a slave and I am sure that you have many. We have corresponded a few times over the years after I discovered one of your stories on Abel's Foot Worship site, when you were seeking slave writers. It is because of that that I came to be on your Mailing List, which eventually led me to your Blog, and this message.

    I have been negligent in thanking you...

    Because you led me to your Blog, I found another not long after. That Blog was started by my Goddess Jane, whom you know here as Susie. Since interacting with her, I have been her slave since November, and she has had me in a Chastity Cage since April. I love and worship my Goddess and do everything that I can to make her happy.

    I am her slave scribe, writing for her, and I send her daily images that I hope she will like in Tribute. I created and maintain a Tribute Website for my Goddess Jane...

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    I hope you will visit when you have the opportunity Mistress. And I just wanted to thank you, for without your unknowing help, I would never have met my owner, Goddess Jane.

    Thank you Mistress,

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