Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Enslaved Executive - Part 2

The training begins.

Slave had just finished with licking the bathroom floor and cleaning the toilet, when Miss Jeniffer called out to him. “Come here and kneel u filthy worm! “ she yelled. Slave doubled upto her room then went on all fours to crawl to her feet. She ordered him to lie down on the cold floor, face up, hands by his sides. He immediately obeyed. The next moment Ms.Jeniffer rested her left foot on his face, covering his mouth, nose and one eye. Her right foot came and landed over his bare chest, in between his bosom and belly. “ You are my foot-stool now. Remember, when I say –FOOT STOOL, you have to take this position”. Slave merely nodded his head under her foot as his mouth n lips were under weight of her heel. Mistress Jeniffer then began watching football on T.V. while she was eating Pizza and wafers. Slave was very hungry and thirsty as he was not given anything since that evening and had to work hard. He was feeling more and more weak and depressed by his state. He could smell the Pizza, but dare not ask for it. Mistress Jeniffer didn’t even seem to feel that a living man is under her feet. She was shouting , laughing, watching the game and occasionally used to stomp her foot over her “live foot-stools’” face in excitement of the game. It had been a long time almost an hour while this continued. Slave was feeling more and more depressed and lowly. The suddenly, Jeniffer lifted her left foot from his mouth, held it in air for around 10 seconds and then , down it came , landing right over his mouth again. But, this time his nose was trapped in between her big toe and the next one , while his mouth was under the entire weight , pressed under the ball of her foot. She began flexing her toes to play with her latest toy. And after a minute, she grabbed his nostrils tightly between her toes. Slave could not understand what was going on. After 20 seconds he started feeling suffocated. He struggled a bit, shaking his legs as he craved for air. But Jeniffer above him was busy watching the match. He thought what if she doent not know that I’m dying here? What If I get suffocated to death? , he started struggling harder, unable to speak. This time the grip of her toes became harder and in the process, her pointed toenail scratched slaves’ nose, causing it to give a burning sensation. He felt helpless n scared. He could see her face, smiling, watching the T.V. high above him, a height which he can now not even imagine to stand upto. As he struggled for air shaking his legs….Jeniffer lifted her right foot from his chest and placed it over his exposed dick. She started to press n smother it now. Slave could no longer hold it and grabbed her left foot by its ankle.

The next moment Jeniffer yelled at the top of her pitch, “How dare u hold my foot without my permission?”. She picked up the whip and landed 5-6 lashes over Sameer’s bare chest and thighs. Simultaneously she freed his nose. Slave gulped in as much air as he could. But he had tears in his eyes from the whipping.

Then she put on her shoes, this time, they were 3 inch high purple mules. Jeniffer had over 100 pairs of shoes n boots. She changed shoes 10 times a day. She simply stepped on his belly with the right then the left mule before landing her foot on the floor as she walked away, leaving slave crying in pain.

He remained there on the floor but turned around to lie on his belly as his belly n chest were aching n burning because of the whips and trampling. There were two round, red marks over his belly where Mistress had landed the heel of her mule while walking over her live carpet !

Around 5 minutes later slave heard the sound of her heels again. He shivered in fear. She came n stood by his side. There was silence for around a minute while she watched her pathetic slave, lying on the floor. Slave dare not look up. His eyes were shut. Then she slowly rested the heel of her left foot over his neck. “ Get on all fours u dog !” She commanded. Sameer tried to get up but his head was being pressed down. He was now kneeling with his forehead touching the floor under Jeniffers’ foot. Jeniffer then shifted her body weight to her right foot but still kept her foot over his head. She asked him to try again. This time he got on his hands as well like a dog. But his head was held down. “Good Dog” she said, “come follow me my puppy, Time for shoe licking. I guess u like my shoes. U wanted them badly in the supermarket this afternoon.” She said with a sarcastic smile. “ U’ll have lots of shoes to keep u busy all nite ( giggles)”. She attached a leash to the collar around his neck and pulled it agin making him crawl faster on hi hands n knees. Slave was almost dragging himself after her, pulled by the leash.

Jeniffer stopped in front of her shoe closet and opened the door. Whew ! It was almost a shoe store. She had the most exotic collection of pumps, boots, mules, sandals, slippers, everything. “You have to lick each pair of my foot-wear tonight and clean it. There must be no trace of dust or dirt anywhere. I’ll check it tomorrow morning when I get up.” She gave a hard jerk to slaves’ leash bringing him face down on the floor, before her shoes. She then pulled out the leash from his collar , took his hands and cuffed them behind his back again. “ You are not supposed to take help from your hands while u serve my foot-wear. I like the feel of my slaves’ tongue on all my foot-wear. Now get on to work.” She said as she ate a piece of muffin. Slave crawled after her feet n just managed to kiss the side of her right foot while she was walking away. “Speak” Jeniffer said, granting him permission. “ Mistress, please may I have something to eat, I’m hungry”. Slave pleaded.

“ Oh so u want food? Without even proving your worth as a servant? Huh! . Okay I’ll be kind this time….. … EAT this! “, she said as she dropped the last bit of muffin on the floor and stood over it, crushing the muffin under her mules. She told him that from now on this is how he’l get his food, take it or leave it. After a moments thinking, slave started to lick off bits of the crushed muffin from the floor. When he finished doing that, Jeniffer lifted her shoe n held it in air above him, asking him to clean off the muffin sticking on it. He had no other choice than to lick. He felt utmost humiliated n lowly.He swallowed down the pieces as he was quite hungry too. Jeniffer lifted her foot to see if the sole is properly cleaned and then left without saying anything, leaving slave between the heap of her foot-wear.

Slave lowered his face on the floor, his hands cuffed behind his back. He was nude lying on the floor which was cold. He then realised that he had to do lot of work. He crawled forward reaching a knee-high black leather boot and started to lick it. It was only the first boot and he had 99 pairs more to go and only one night. He now began realising his lowly place before the Supreme Goddess Jeniffer. He then moved on to a pair of pink sandals with 4 inch heel. They had some sand on the heel, maybe by walking on the beach. As he lick the heel, he felt a chunk of sand stick to his tongue. He wished he could wipe it using a cloth or his hands, but he could not. He almost felt like crying and his eyes started to water. He stopped. But the next moment he saw the marks of whip n digging on spike heels on his chest n belly. He gathered his courage and started licking the heel, swallowing down the sand n dirt. He accepted fully that he was a mere shoe-cleaner, a heel sucker who has to eat the dust n dirt off the feet n shoes of Mistress Jeniffer. He had lick n cleaned around 70 pairs when his knees started aching a lot. He was tired and feeling sleepy and his tongue was sour from licking on leather and dust.He could see faint light outside from the window. Te sun was about to come up and he had 30 more pairs to go. he lifted another pair of yellow flip-flops and stated licking them hurriedly. The sun was now out and it was morning. Slaves tngue was burning and his mouth felt like mud everywhere. He got scared looking at 29 more pairs to go. He began crying,and his wrists were paining too because of the iron cuffs. He then peeped into Jeniffers’ bedroom. She was sleeping cozy in her bed. He rushed to the closet again and started licking again. Its must have been around 1 hour more. And there were 16 more pairs to go. Just then he heard Jeniffer get up and call for him.

“Slave ? slave !! U wretched worm why r u not under my bed when I have to get up? Where r my slippers?” slave dropped the red high heel pump in his mouth n rushed to her bedroom. He lifted her pink fur slippers in his mouth and placed them under her bed and prostrated himself on the floor. He could see the soft, pink lovely yet powerful sole of Jeniffers foot hover over his face before resting over his mouth n nose. “Kiss my sole u slave ! Don’t have Manners!!”. She shouted. Sameer immediately placed 10-15 kissed on her soles. She then asked him to stop and put her slippers on her feet. He obeyed, feeling humiliated again. She then asked him to go and prepare breakfast for her. She un-cuffed his wrists and gave a kick on his butt before asking him to hurry up.

He was a bit relaxed that she did not ask about the shoe cleaning. He went into her room again after 45 mins with break-fast n coffee. Jeniffer now was wearing a light blue night dress, reading a newspaper and had blue flip-flops, dangling from her feet. He kept the tray on the table and knelt by her side. She playfully dangled her flip flop from her left foot and then dropped it on the floor. He was asked to pick it up using his mouth and put it on her foot again. He obeyed. Then Jeniffer said, sipping the coffee,” Are all my shoes clean slave? “ slave could not speak anything. And was just thinking what to say when she said “Come lets so what u did last night.”. He crawled after her. She reached about the closet and inspected everything. “It seems u haven’t touched these 16 pairs . hummm..And what is this? U slave! U’ve left this spot on the sole of my boot! “ She picked up her whip and asked him to bedover on hi knees. He pleaded for mercy but was kicked in his balls to fall down. He was then made to kneel with his ass up in the air.

“2 wacks for each pair u missed to lick and 5 for missing this spot, that makes it how much?”

“tell me how much u slave! “ She yelled. Slave meekly said”37 mistress” . “Good boy”,she said, “Now count”. 1,2,3…………………..30,31,……………35,36and ……….

Whooosh 37.

Sameer was crying with huge tears his butts were red with marks of whipping and at 5-6 places his skin had ripped apart from the whip lashes. He finally collapsed on the floor crying. Jeniffer left for her bedroom by walking over his ribs this time.

“You better do a proper job next time or I’ll put u on a weeks training in shoe licking”.

Your other traing shall begin after an hour. You may put yourself together by then”. With this Mistress left to make calls to her friends.

Slave was left sobbing on the floor, whipped like an animal for not licking off dust from the shoes of his Mistress properly. He felt utmost humiliated and felt his life was hell now…………He lay there in a daze thinking what will happen next.


  1. Hi ma'am,
    I wish to serve you in any way you want.. Please let me know if you would allow that

  2. pls post what happen next, we are all waiting ...

  3. my goddess jenniffer, this slave is from india would love to be under your feet