Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stone's Empire-Part 2

Chapter Three.

The man who attended Alicia as she luxuriated in the huge warm bath within her private chambers was unusual to say the least, he was stark naked and his totally hairless body bore testament to hours of shaving, plucking and hormonal treatment. The man was a eunuch, his genitalia having been surgically removed following violent punishment within the prison, the smoothness of his lower body showed only a small slit to allow urination. In the circumstances, it had been decided that he could not be returned to society and he had thus ended up in the service of the Baroness, she owned him completely and he was her slave in every sense of the word.

As the slave lathered her with scented soaps and soft cloths, Alicia marveled at the totally relaxed state of her body and mind, the session earlier had drained the stress and tension of the last few weeks out of her and she was now ready for new challenges. The fate of the prisoner that had been on the receiving end of her enjoyment meant absolutely nothing to her, she accepted that Elaine would deal with it in the appropriate manner, whether he lived or died.

The beautiful women surveyed her body as it floated in the soapy water, her small breasts were still firm and pert, her stomach flat and her hips, thighs and legs were toned and perfectly shaped, even her feet, she mused as the slave attentively washed them, were perfect. On impulse she pressed her toes against the slaves lips and as he opened them to accept her dainty foot, allowed him to suck the soap from the painted toes.

On completion of her toilette, Alicia allowed the slave to dry her off with warmed fluffy towels, guiding her to a divan he laid her down and anointing her body with scented oils he gave her a soothing and relaxing massage.
The slave dressed her in very expensively casual clothes, he had chosen a peasant blouse of autumn colours and a gypsy skirt that fell to mid calf, onto her feet he buckled strappy high heeled sandals. He then turned his attention to her hair and makeup and soon she was ready to leave, although casual, she knew she was groomed to perfection.

Chapter four.

As the helicopter circled the homestead and prepared to land, Alicia looked down on its splendor with pleasure, the brightly lit complex standing out against the darkness of the surrounding ranch. The aircraft touched down and she saw a servant running toward the machine, she waited until the main rotor slowed at which time the servant opened the door for her, he immediately dropped to his hands and knees, providing a living footstep to enable her to exit the cabin. Alicia placed her sandaled foot on the back of the kneeling man and swung her full weight onto him, she cared not that her sharp heels dug painfully into his back as she used him to step to the ground, she walked away from the helicopter with out a backward glance.

Her staff were waiting to greet her, as she entered the great hall they knelt in unison, all except the butler who stood facing her between the two lines of servants as they flanked her path. Alicia stopped and watched her butler, Marshall, approach her, a distinguished man in his fifties his regal and snobbish bearing were the landmark of his trade. Arriving before her, Marshal dropped to his knees, he placed his hands palm down on either side of her feet and bowed forward and kissed them, firstly he kissed the toes of each foot and then the straps of her sandals, he then crawled his way forward on either side of her foot to reach and kiss the high heel of each sandal. Alicia watched him, she knew that Marshall hated what he was having to do, he hated the thought of being subservient to any woman, especially one who was more than ten years younger than him and having to go this far in showing submission to her was against everything he stood for. This delighted Alicia, she had carefully planned the downfall of this man and after putting him in a position where he could not refuse had had him trained as a Butler, from there she had demanded, and over a period of time, received his slavery.

“Good evening Mistress Alicia” he intoned, his face a few inches above her feet, “We await to serve you” Alicia could have walked away but she thought to prolong his humility a bit more, raising her left foot she placed the sole of her sandal lightly on the back of his bowed head, exerting slight pressure she pushed him down until his head rested on the floor, she held him in that position, knowing that the other servants were watching.
“Where is my daughter?” she demanded. The butler’s voice was somewhat muffled by his position –
“She awaits you in the lounge Mistress”
She stood a few moments longer, gradually increasing the pressure of her foot to remind the arrogant slave of her dominance and his position under her foot. Removing her foot from his head, Alicia walked away without further comment, sensing rather than seeing the servants rise to their feet and disperse behind her.

Lady Nicola Stone was delighted to see her mother, she ran across the room and the two women hugged each other. Alicia was, as always, refreshed at her daughter’s flawless beauty, still in her teens she was tall and willowy and this evening, dressed in a pair of shorts and blouse her lithe body was shown to good effect. The high heels of the hand crafted leather shoes that she wore accentuated her long sensuous legs.

After exchanging pleasantries Nicola ordered coffee for them as they sat to catch up on each other’s news. Nicola was busy telling her mother of her exploits whilst she had been away when the coffee arrived, borne on a silver tray by Marshall who, after pouring, placed the cups beside Alicia and Nicola. As he was leaving the room, Nicola addressed him –
“Yes Lady Nicola”, he turned toward her –
“Come here”
“Yes Ma’am”, he stood before her, she looked up at him silently for a few minutes, Alicia watched with interest –
“Ma’am, I….” He started to speak,
“Kneel, NOW” snapped Nicola, Marshal sank to his knees before her, beaten and knowing it
“Marshall, I want you to look at my shoes, look very closely and then tell me if they are clean”
The kneeling butler looked down at the dainty shoes on the teenager’s feet, as far as he could see, they were spotless and gleamed richly –
“Ma’am, they appear clean to me but if you are displeased…”
“Look at the soles, are they not scratched and dirty” she raised her one foot slightly allowing him a look at the sole.
“Ma’am, if it pleases you, they are dirty”
“Would you agree that the maid who was supposed to clean my shoes has been remiss in her duty?” the young woman demanded –
“Yes Ma’am, I would agree”
“Who is in charge of the maids Marshal, who is responsible for supervising them?” she demanded. Knowing he had walked into a trap, he had no option but to reply –
“I am Ma’am”
“In that case Marshall, you will clean them, right now” she placed her feet together before her, the heels arching them daintily -
“Ma’am, I will get a cloth.” he started to rise –
“No, you will do it right now, clean them with your tongue”,
The fifty five year old man bowed forward, he hesitated momentarily and then extending his tongue began to lick the shoes of the woman who was younger than his own daughter.

Alicia had watched in delight, the dominant and arrogant bitchiness of her daughter was something that always amazed her, that a girl as young as 18 could demand, and receive, submission from men sometimes more than twice her age amazed her. She had always taught her daughters that they were superior to all men and most women but it was always Nicola that had thrived on her tutorage and grasped the concept with both hands. Being brought up in Alicia’s world, a world of sadism, female dominance and male submission had allowed her the freedom and opportunity to develop her own taste for power and control.

“You agreed that the soles were dirty, did you not”
“Yes Ma’am”
“Then why the fuck are you not cleaning them”
The groveling butler knew better than to talk back, instead he embarked on a futile exercise of trying to force his tongue under her shoes to lick the soles which rested snugly on the floor, all he could achieve was to lick the thin edges of the leather sole where it joined the expensive leather uppers which already gleamed from his earlier ministrations. Even though the task was impossible he persevered, hating the fact that his humiliation was providing enjoyment for this wicked vixen and her mother.

Using her foot to push him away, Nicola crossed her legs, allowing the right foot to swing a few inches off the floor, Marshall immediately pressed forward and turned his head sideways to allow his tongue to reach the leather sole of her high heeled shoe, he licked it with loathing but had no choice but to continue as the 18 year old watched him disdainfully. After ten minutes the aging mans neck ached with the uncomfortable position that he was in and his tongue hurt from its contact with the leather. He enjoyed a few seconds of relief as his dominant charge kicked him away again and recrossed her legs, allowing him access to the sole of her other shoe.
“Have you learnt to be more careful in the way you watch over the maids?” Nicola asked scornfully,
“Yes madam Nicola” he answered, continuing to lick her shoe sole,
“For the next week, you will personally clean all my shoes every day, do you understand”
“Yes Madam”
“Get out”
The Butler stood, bowing to her he turned and walked toward the door, again she stopped him –
“Marshall, who do you think you are, when you leave our company you will show respect to the Baroness”
“I am sorry Ma’am” he turned to Alicia and bowed deeply to her, turning to leave he was stopped yet again –
“Get on your knees and kiss her feet, slave” her emphasis on the word slave drove home to him his true position, this rich little bitch, and more so her spoilt mother, owned him. He knelt before Alicia and kissed both of her feet, the soft skin of her feet through the sandal straps actually soothed his lips, scraped and chapped from the attention they had given to Nicola’s shoes for the past half hour.
“Thank you Mistress” he spoke against her perfect toes as they nestled daintily amidst the thin leather straps of her sandals.

Alicia placed her left foot between the shoulder blades of the kneeling butler and pressed viciously, as she ground the spiked heel into his flesh she warned him –
“Keep your lips on my toes, if you move them, you will be in big trouble”
“Nicola, I am sick and tired of this creatures attitude and laxity, he has failed as a butler and must now make the transition to a house slave. In his case, I will have special duties for him and as such require that he be properly prepared – I want you to contact the Warden at the prison, have him collected tonight and I want him turned into a eunuch and back here within a few days.”
There was a moan of absolute terror and horror against her foot –
“Please Mistress, forgive me, please, please don’t do that to me, I will improve…..”
Nicola took over –
“Shut the fuck up you piece of shit, you heard your Mistress and her word is law, now get out and wait until you are dealt with as directed”.
Alicia, after one final vicious grinding of her heel into the flesh beneath her foot, allowed the sobbing man to crawl from her presence.

Elaine was waiting for her in the lounge, she too was freshly bathed and changed. Neither woman made any reference to the earlier part of the evening as they relaxed in each other’s company. The phone rang silently and Elaine raised it and listened silently before replacing it.
“The helicopter is here to take you home Ma’am”

Elaine accompanied Alicia as she walked down the hall as far as the door which was opened by a waiting servant, Alicia turned to bid her farewell and shook hands with the warden –
“Thank you”
“As always, it was my pleasure Ma’am, goodbye”
Alicia turned away and had walked a few steps when she hesitated, as if an afterthought she turned to face Elaine, she held her gaze and gracefully slid her right foot forward a few inches, she remained silent but the message was clear, Elaine continued to look deep into her eyes for a few seconds and then stepping forward she sank gracefully to her knees and kissed the perfectly pedicured sandaled foot that had been offered to her.

Without another word, Alicia turned on her heel and walked out to the helicopter that was waiting to take her home, home to her hugely opulent private life in the mansion that rested in the foothills of her ranch outside of town.


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